Working whole night and sleeping in daytime!

Know what is like, sleeping during daytime and working whole night?

Trust me! I have been living like this for the past 5 years and a habit like this can transform a person insanely. I am a living example for this.

I work the whole night, go to bed by 6’o clock in the early morning and get up by 3pm in the afternoon.

I am documenting here what good and bad i have gone through while being ‘nocturnal’ (term used for work at night) myself.


1. I usually get ‘hyperactive’ and my work gets really easy for me and i can concentrate at very high levels just because of quite surroundings. I am equal to 10 men working during daytime.


1. My body cannot take digestion easy and i will be able to eat few times a day and not heavy food items. Infact i eat only at 3pm and 9pm in the night.

2. I always never been fresh and i usually have headaches and my mind often usually in ‘clouded’ state.

3. My speaking ability gets diminished while my writing and reading skills have improved dramatically. I have often got difficulty in speech while communicating with real life people. Often recollecting has become a problem while talking and i cant even say even the closest name i have known.

4. I have read somewhere that if you dont get enough sleep then your body will become weak to fight cold and flu. In my case it is mostly true and i cautiously select food items when i go out to eat just because i am worried about cold, flu with fever.

5. Every day your body will feel aches and will feel restless.

6. I have often noticed that my hearing ability has become ‘highly sensitive’ and i immediately lose my sleep in daytime when subjected to noisy sound sources. i just cannot take any loud sounds which makes me real crazy. My ears can hear even the slightest bit of disturbance during nightime.

7. Although i dont wear any glasses, my eyes cant take too much daytime light while going to bed, so i prefer the sleeping room to be very dark. I hate too much light! So i put a pillow on top of my eyes to simulate the sleep.

Rest is fine with me and i am perfectly healthy at 28yrs of age. I am sure only a few had this kind of experiences while working at night. Nonethless i have documented my experiences working at night.

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Prabhu Balakrishnan

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  1. Oleg Burlaca

    Hmmm, if you like what you are doing (I refer to your work), then it’s ok. The important thing is to do what you want. I think that you’d have find another job if this one didn’t suit you.