Best datacard for high speed internet in India?

Datacards in India has gathered momentum with more and more people using datacard to browse internet when in travel with laptops. From what i have seen there has been a broadband war going on between the various telecom companies in India. Usually a datacard comes with USB stick and a mobile sim.

If you are thinking about buying a datacard with USB stick a to plug it to your notebook to surf internet, i would go with the following in terms of speed….

1. BSNL 3G

2. Reliance netconnect

3. Tata photon+

4. Airtel datacard

Please keep in mind that most datacard providers/agencies advertise the speed will be upto 3.1 mbps but in realty this is only a burst speed you usually have connectivity about 15kbps to 120 kbps during daytime, which means that you will experience slow loading of websites or download.

All datacards depend a lot on wireless signal length and if you dont get enough signal (lack of towers), you will notice frequent disconnects or very slow.

No datacard (even 3g) never satisfied me in terms of internet speed. From what i have experienced, no datacard can beat the true broadband internet speed of wired connection. Atleast wired connection will rule for next few years in India in terms of internet speed.

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  1. kl verma

    i have capital data card which is promoted by BSNL but i have very bed experience with it.i say never buy capital data card and don’t belive on BSNL sells item.7

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