Passport seva – My experience with Indian passport reissue

I recently went to passport seva Kendra fixing up my appointment under normal category. I could have booked under tatkal but I heard that officials are very strict under tatkaal and over 80% of tatkal applications are denied and put in normal mode. I felt that there is no point to apply for tatkaal without getting verification certificate from police.

My case is passport reissue of my expiring passport which was expiring within a year. No change in address everything same as per old passport. I got police clearance certificate PCC six months ago and despite this I was told today post police verification would be done after granting passport. I remember last time at the local police station they took me fingerprints and other documentation. I am disappointed that I have to go through the same verification again. I thought they would issue me passport with no police verification but the passport granting officer granted me the passport subjected to post police verification.

After my experience in passport Kendra I must say that TCS guys are doing a remarkable job there and they are so friendly. The passport officers at B and C counters are bit rude I should say.

Oh! You won’t be needing a photo nowdays. You will be fingerprinted and captured photo there itself.

One of the most common questions asked about renewing passport is – will my passport number change when i reissue or renew passport? The answer is yes, you will get a new passport number. They will stamp cancelled in your old passport and return you back at the counter. If you have doubts or have any valid visas in your old passport, carry both old and new passports whenever you travel.

Police verification by the authorities have been nowdays mandatory, and nobody can escape that. Even tatkal, reissue and fresh passports, go through the same verification. You will be verified at your present address. if you are staying/working other than your permanent address, the verification will happen at both the places. Please note that the Granting Officer (GO) will take the decision whether you have to undergo verification or not.

1. Pre Police verification (first verification happens, then if clear, passport will be sent)
2. Post police verification (passport will be issued first, then verification happen)
3. No verification

When you go for passport Kendra for reissue/renew/fresh, be sure to carry as many identification documents you can in original and you will be asked for atleast 2 address proof + 1 for proof of date of birth. + one proof for ECNR + Marriage certificate for spouse name. For reissue of passport within 1 year of expiry the says that just original passport is required but I was was asked for 2 address proofs and 1 proof for birth.

Documents for address proof

  1. Ration card
  2. Driving license
  3. Voter ID
  4. Telephone bill landline or postpaid (1 bill for last year and 1 latest bill)
  5. 1 year bank statement with bankers certificate photo attested by bank manager. If you are taking bank passbook issued by nationalised banks be sure to get sign and seal of bank manager in your passbook. Mere passbook printouts not accepted
  6. Income tax assessment order with 3 year return acknowledgment showing address and IT dept stamp.
  7. Marriage registration certificate

For full list of documents, please

Proof for date of birth:

PAN card
SSLC/+2 certificate

ECNR change:
Just take your 10th marksheet in original or PAN card.

Caution: when I stepped in the seva Kendra I noticed a board saying this:

“Since most countries take biometric information, especially gulf countries Any suppression of information in personal particulars could lead to prosecution or problems with foreign immigration. “

So do not suppress any information such as change of name, work place, age etc. If you are working in bangalore but your permanent address is Delhi, be sure to submit all relevant information on where you have stayed for the past years. Police verification will be done in places you have stayed previously.

Passport seva complaints:

  • Getting an appointment is a predicament as most of the time servers are busy or no slots available from
  • I have noticed lots of technical problems in seva Kendra such as token not working, server problems causing resorting to manual mode.
  • Photos captured in seva kendras are poor in quality and not clear often. Never liked my photo in the passport.

I personally feel that our govt should set up more kendras as the number of people seeking passports skyrocketed to 200%. Not to mention people requesting additional services such as addition of spouse name, address change, minors, PCC (Police clearance certificate) has been at very high numbers.

Update: I had to be physically present to sign to receive the passport  sent by speed post from the postman. It seems rules have become strict, and they give passport only to the passport holder not even to my parents.

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Prabhu Balakrishnan

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    my passport application status showing-
    Police Report has been submitted by Commissioner of Police, District Bardhaman and passport printing is in progress. –
    since 14/4/2013.
    How long it will take to get my passport?

    please inform me….plz plz


    my passport application status showing-
    Your Passport has been printed and You would receive an sms/email once the passport is dispatched.
    How long it will take to get my passport?
    please inform me….plz plz

    • pbu

      3-7 days i think.

  • http://rediffmail satish

    i have bank account from last 5 years on another address, i changed it as join with wife from last 5 months take passbook with one year entries in it and attached as address proof for me and wife for passport office. they accept it bu i doubt that no any problem with police verification pl tell me

  • Ravi bhatia

    I applied for a re-issue of passport(PSK Delhi) within 3 years of expiry of the old passport. All my documents were in order and verified. I am staying at the same address since the last 30 years.

    After 1 month of application submission, now the status says that “Police Verification has been initiated and a request has been sent to SP Office”. This is absolute nonsense.

    One one side they say no police verification is required for re-issue of passport within three years of expiry, and they ask for police verification too. This is just to delay things and fill the empty pockets of all these greedy policewalas.

    Imagine how much money would a ‘mama’ be making if he gets at least Rs. 500 per verification per day.

    If I had known that I will have to go thru this verification thing again, I wouldn’t have applied for the re-issue of the passport. I just applied to avoid police verification, because after three years of expiry I would have to go thru it again. I wish there was an option to cancel my application.

  • afreen abdul razaq

    hi, i had apply my passport for reissue,for change in name and address , after getting married, on 10 jul 2013 i apply, police verification done after 10 days but only on my current address , but still my status is showing same from the first day i applied tat u r passport application is under review at passport regional office, and till date its same, what its means , can any one help me, what i hav to do.

  • Ameet

    I had applied my passport on 18/July/2013 . I finished my police verification and finally the status says “Your Passport has been printed and You would receive an sms/email once the passport is dispatched.” this i status is there since 4-Sep-13ie., 2 days from the time i am posting this comment . Can you please let me know in case you have any idea how long will it take to dispatch and are there any more steps they carry on before dispatching ? I am worried because I have been seeing so many comments on internet about the passport status being static form 3 to 4 months even though the printing is completed. Please guide me on this . Would be nice if you reply to my mail id.

  • phys

    I applied for a reissue of passport for bifurcation of my name last week and by mistake filled out my permanent address as the current address too. Because of this, my application was escalated to the RPO and I was asked to pay a fine of 5000. I paid my fine, wrote a request letter and submitted my current address and address proofs at the RPO. But still my application is at hold as the superintendent at the RPO just kept my application aside without giving me any further directions on what has to be done next.
    Police verification for my permanent address was initiated on the first day of the application itself, well before RPO escalation.
    But there is no clue of police verification initializing at my current address.
    Since I need my passport urgently for study purpose, I had applied under Tatkal scheme. Please let me know what can be done for the speedy re-issuance of passport and whether the RPO has the rights to withheld or banish my application for one year.

  • Yusuf

    Nikah nama from mufti will not count as a valid marriage certificate.. You will have to make a affidavit if you have only nikah nama..


    I had applied for reissue of passport on 28/10/13 for my daughter – no change in details. Police verification was done within a week and sent to Passport office. Current status shows police verification received and is under review. Passport will be dispatched after that and SMS sent. Any idea how long it will take. I had received my re-issued passport in exactly 2 weeks from the date of submission, but now it seems to be dragging!

  • NM

    i visited bangalore psk center at Outer ring road on 20th Nov. I was amazed with TCS excellent service but all that was spoiled by old lady ( typical non sense govt employee) sitting in c counter.she rejected the application on ground that i have only 3 transactions in passbok while Which were enough for to prove the address in use for last 1.5 year.She was not having common sense and very rude to talk as if she is paying for my food. infact she is leaving on my tax money. But this how govt staff works. pity for this country.

    • Anil

      what have you done for this.. even i have similar situation. Thanks in advance.

  • BP

    Hi , I am working in gurgaon from last 4 years and my permanent address is in Agra. I don’t have any address related documents for my 4-years stay in gurgaon.Also, I have changed rooms many times. can i apply based on my permanent address by hiding my job/current location ? Any problem in this ??? Plz reply.

  • shubhangi negi

    sir, i am in a big trouble…. i am leaving for spain, so for visa i got my pcc done which needed to be translated in Spanish for visa so i sent it to get the work done,, but by this time i lost my passport!!! now i am getting my passport renewed and i ‘d like to know whether my old pcc translated Spanish document will be valid???? ??? or will i need to get the new pcc made and get it translated again? is there any way to solve this?

  • Ranjith

    Hi All
    In Police verification Signature is miss matched with the passport form and police verification form ,
    what ll be the next step i ll get the passport or how i ll face any problems????????????

  • srinivasan.s

    Respected sir,
    Sub: RUD Letter request

    I had applied for my passport in the Year2000, and it was approved by the Regional passport officer, Trichy
    However, some how it was not delivered to my home address and hence I assumed the passport was not issued. to me.

    Now I have applied for New Passport and during the process- I was intimated that my initial passport approved in was returned to the Trichy passport office undelivered.
    It has been advised by the Regional Passport officer, Coimbatore, that the Old passport needs to be cancelled before issuing the new passport.

    Request you to kindly do the needful by providing a cancellation letter.
    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely,


  • Sachin

    Explained it quite well!!

  • Hemant

    I lost my PCC need the PCC urgently is there anyway i can get reissued the previous pcc.

  • Kirankumar Pati

    I got my passport with printing mistake of my door no. instead of 17-7-20, I got 17-7-2 , Will it be issue, if so please help me and i have only 15 days to go Abroad
    My mail-ID : / My Skype ID : pkkroyal / Mob.No : 08019799498

  • sebastian Joseph

    Can any one tell me , what will happen if i am not presence in country for Post Police Verification after receive my passport ?

    • Prabhu Balakrishnan

      That is quite normal. If you are absent, they will verify you at the given address (family).

      • sebastian Joseph

        Thank you Mr.Prabhu. Today(18-11-2015) i applied to re issue due to page exhausted and my application granted with Post PV basis. I have a situation that soon after i received my new passport, i have to leave country to rejoin in my job. Once received my new passport, Is it possible approach Police station or RPO personally even before i receive notification for Post Police verification to explain the situation and to sort out this.

        Thanks In advance

        • Prabhu Balakrishnan

          Yes go the police station if you can. They will be happy to help you out. Tell them you have to leave abroad and they will understand.

          • sebastian Joseph

            Thanks Mr. Prabhu. Appreciate for your Response.

  • Amit Gupta

    Could you please guide me in filling up online Passport form? I had applied for Passport in 2009 and I do not have its details. While filling up form, should I opt for Yes or no when it asks for whether I had applied for passport earlier? Because, if I choose ‘yes’, it then asks for file number which I do not know. Please help me out.