Registering DNS Nameserver with Godaddy

If you have a VPS or a dedicated server plan and you want to have your own name server like and you will need to run DNS on your hosting server. Make sure you have atleast 2 IPs dedicated allocated to DNS server. If you have directadmin  control panel things would get even easier.

Before you change your nameservers for your domain, first you will need to register that nameserver with corresponding IPs with godaddy, as otherwise you always will get ERROR DETECTED message and wont be accepted.  I was having nightmares with this until i figured out why.

Here is how you register your nameservers with Godaddy.

Go to Domain Details > Domain summary > View/modify there you have to register your name servers along with 2 IPs.

Enter, along with 2 ip addresses.

Once you do that you can change the corresponding  nameservers to your domain and it will be accepted.

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Balakrishnan Prabhu

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  • Josh

    Thanks Corpocrat, I found that really useful

  • +1 to what josh commented, and is there a way of doing it without some domain registrar like godaddy in between? Cuz mine does not have anything like it on its control panel.

  • This did not work for me. Could not find
    domain summary. So far, 4 days of googling, nothing is even close to being right on doing this. The lights are on but nobody is home at godaddy

  • I have 100 domains on Godaddy and i can say that this company is very reputable.’*”

  • Can anyone suggest a reliable Dedicated Server hosting that is not very expensive?.*-

  • Dedicated servers are the best when you want a stable webhost. :”~

  • Goddady is the best registrar, another one is Enom-,;

  • when possible, i always use a dedicated server for my webhosting needs eventhough it is expensive.-,

  • Usman

    Yeah, finding Host Summary in was a pain but I found it eventually. Go to My Products =>> Click Advance Details just infront of your domain =>> Host Summary will be on bottom left corner (you might need to scroll down) or just search it. Best dedicated server I have experienced is, they call it MVS (Managed Virtual Server) but they are Linux Base hosting. They got best customer support and best of all daily backup, so if you mess up with your website, you can get back the working version in no time.

  • godaddy is the best registrar out there but i am annoyed by too many ads on their site”*;

  • when you want to do some heavy content and traffic on your website, you will really need a dedicated server “-`

  • I have to thanks for the attempts you’ve made in writing this post. This has been an inspiration to me. I’ve transferred this through to a friend of mine. thankyou

  • Thanks!!