Why Pay for Inclusion in Directories?

You know that you have to submit your site to directories but what makes a paid inclusion site worth the cost of submission?

There are a range of opinions on paid inclusion directories. Some people think they are simply money grabbing while others know it takes time, effort and money to build a quality directory.

Most paid directories are spam free

Most spammers don’t want to pay to have their site listed in a directory. They would rather stick to comment & forum spam to get incoming links. Quality paid inclusion directories are spam free as they review and approve all submissions. This not only increases the value of the inbound link but also the type of traffic you will receive from that link.

Paid directories limit the number of links per category and often per page. This means that your site receives more visibility. The more traffic the directory receives the higher the chance the user will click through to your site. Free directories often receive little traffic and list 100’s of sites per page. It is increasingly difficult to determine where a free directory ends and a link farm begins.

Paid directories promote & advertise

To build a successful directory you have to promote the site and develop traffic. Part of your submission fee is used to advertise and build links.

Paid directories work at increasing the page rank of their site. This increases the value of your listing. Free directories can not afford to market the site or attract new users.

Paid directories make quality back links

Link building is the key to SEO and search engine rankings. Paid directories offer quality one way links that increase in value as the directory site matures. As mentioned earlier, the directory’s SEO efforts add to your own.

Speed of inclusion

Certain free directories add your site after review. As they have no paid staff it can take weeks if not months before your site is added. If they auto include all submissions they leave the door wide open for spammers.

Paid inclusion directories can afford to hire staff to review submissions. This makes the inclusion process a lot faster and gives your site the boost it needs.

Paid directories offer more value for money than free directories. After all you get what you pay for. If you think of paid directories as an investment you will see the return.

Article Courtesy:  Graeme