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Best & Useful WordPress Plugins For Blogs

WordPress has become so popular and almost every blogger knows about it. Just download the wordpress, install and start blogging. But it isnt enough only with wordpress software. You will need some more additional plugins like socialize plugin /adman (for adsense) to market your blog and of course to make some money.

Here are the must have additional plugins that should be installed with your blog..

Sociable 1.2
Social bookmarking plugin. It allows your readers to bookmark your blog post or page in various social bookmarking sites like digg, del.icio, furl, stumble etc.

Adman Plugin
I am really impressed with this plugin. You can paste adsense code and this plugin enables adsense ads are shown either at start of post or at the middle of the blog post. see also adsense manager plugin

Google Sitemap Generator Plugin
You might want to generate a sitemap to your blog and submit to google sitemaps. This plugin will generate a sitemap for google.

Smart Pinger
Everytime your blog is updated with new post you might want your blog to ping and notify other search engines and social bookmarking sites. This plugin will do.

Wp Tree Plugin
This wordpress plugin will generate a tree structure of your dated archives. It makes easy to navigate.

Contact Form Plugin or Cforms
Plugin to install a contact form in your website. There are also more mail or contact form plugins here. Be careful that some of them dont have anti-spam functionality (captcha) built in them.

WordPress DB Backup Plugin
WordPress database backup plugin. You will always need to make a monthly backup with your database incase of any server crashes.

Its a webservice to check and prevent comment spam. It is strongly recommended if your blog is prone to comment spams. You will need wordpress api key though. In most cases it should come automatically bundled with wordpress plugin set.

WordPress Gallery Plugin
If you are photo sharing enthusiast you can create a gallery by integrating this plugin to your wordpress.

WP Cache Plugin
If your blog is prone to high traffic and server load, caching will significantly reduce the load and makes loading of pages faster. You will need to use this plugin if you want caching functionality added to your website.

Google Pagerank Plugin
This plugin will show google PR in your blog.

A very useful plugin when you want to ban certain people from your blog using their IP.

WP Download Manager
PLugin to organize downloading files in your blog.

Sidebar Widgets
Using this plugin, you can customize what widget appears in the sidebar of your blog.

Video Blogger Plugin
Use this plugin to embedd your favorite video linking from the popular video sites (Youtube, google …) in your blog. You can find more video plugins here

Syntax Highlighting Plugins:
As a programmer myself i will be publishing PHP code in my blogs so i particularly need a wordpress plugin to highlight the code in my blog. I found the above link interesting.

The above are very useful plugins when you are running a blog site. You can download more free plugins from the wordpress plugins page.