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Nokia Mobile Predictive Text Typing Tutorial

I am truly Nokia fan. I bought my favorite nokia business phone Nokia E50 but dont know how to type. I am really good at typing in PC but when it comes to typing fast in mobile phone for SMS and other applications i am really poor. Are you like me? Just bought the mobile phone and dont know how to type fast.

I am sure that many people are there like me who just dont know how to type fast in your mobile phone. I searched the whole web until i learnt somehow this typing trick. With this tutorial i am going to show you some good tricks to type fast in your nokia mobile phone.

There are two traditional ways of typing in your mobile phone.

1. Tapping
2. Predictive Text (using predictive guessing from dictionary)


You already might know that each key in your with a number (for ex. 1 (abc). By tapping continously you get the corresponding alphabets in the key. For example.. you tap 1 once, you get ‘a’, tap twice you get ‘b’, tap 3 times to get ‘c’, so goes other keys in the mobile.

Just to type “Hello”, imagine how many times you need to tap the phone buttons. This method is ok for typing one or two words. As a beginner you might like this method, but there is no way you can type a message or text with more than 20 words or a short paragraph with this technique. It takes so much time and not really a good idea. That is why you need to switch on predictive text in your mobile phone.

Predictive Text

This method though might look cumbersome at the start is the easiest once you have mastered a few tricks. Using this method you can type the text without looking at the mobile phone screen and most times you can achieve 20 words per minute. Just switch on predictive text in your mobile phone.

Now look at the benefits..

To type “Welcome” just press 9352663, you will see the typed text. You also might see it underlined. See you have achieved this word just by tapping 7 keys. Whereas if you use tapping method it could have gone more than 15 strokes. See the advantage!.



1. If underlined it means prediction is going on. Just keep typing continuously. Although the word might look wrong, once you complete the typing it will be correct one! Should look like a little magic.

2.. If you see “?” at the end of the word, it means the word you want cannot be guessed correctly. This could be the word (like place name or object name or local language) not built into dictionary. Just press spell and manually enter the text. Once it is done it is auto included in the dictionary. Next time you write it will be automatically inserted.

3. If you want numbers (1,2,3…) hold the corresponding key for 1-2 seconds for the number to appear.

4. Press * to rotate the predictive word. For example by typing 66 you might get “on” or “no”. Pressing * will rotate the word predicted.

5. For smileys press 1 while the word is underlined. You will get more smiley characters by continuously tapping 1 key.

You can visit to practice few strokes.