Tips to get your site added in Google News

If you run a blog or a news site you might want to get your site included in Google News. Not only it would get good decent traffic to your site but also get your site content to millions of news readers worldwide.

Google is looking for quality and trusted sources with quality content from sites and bloggers and it has been increasingly difficult to get into google news. Most of the suggest sources are mostly not accepted by google. Most of which the reasons are unknown.

To suggest your site to google news inclusion:

Important Tips

1. Design your site which gives a professional look.
2. Publish quality content in your website.
3. Make sure your site generates Google friendly pages.
4. Publish whatever details necessary to make your site a trusted one (full contact address, company info …)
5. Publish regularly updated content in RSS/XML feed for syndication.

If you are lucky and your site content shows up in google news, it would gain good exposure to your site audience and avid news readers.  As far as i know it could take few days or weeks for inclusion.