Top Best VPS Hosts for Linux/Windows

Nobody wants to see your site down. If your site goes down because of high traffic or server load you could lose significant revenue each day. As traffic rises more and more with my site I am counting the number of days to move from a shared hosting plan to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server.

People say that VPS are much cheaper than dedicated option. Nonethless, unless your site is on a very high load you don’t need to go for a dedicated plan instead you can avail a VPS host.  Make sure you have a plan with atleast 256mb guaranteed RAM if you are running a dynamic sites or 128mb is sufficient if your webserver serving static webpages.

Here some of the best VPS hosts I have collected from researching on the Internet.

ServInt.net (fully managed – best)
Spry (best) 

Verio VPS (managed)
Dotster VPS
Jaguar PC

VPS Link (low cost)
VPS Land –
Gate VPS
VPS Byte
Lunarpages VPS
Euro VPS
LiquidWeb VPS

Rackspace (for dedicated)
Theplanet.net (for dedicated)

Just buy a VPS plan, install a control panel like Webmin, DirectAdmin, CPanel or Plesk. Webmin is FREE. You can also maintain your server without a server control panel if you are experienced enough. Generally CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu are very popular linux operating systems. A very good start on installing necessary softwares for debian/ubuntu can be found at

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  • You definitely have to add for vps service. They are the best hosting company I have had so far!

  • I would definetly concur with

    I would add and bodhost

  • Sean is another reliable and upcoming VPS host.

  • Ross

    Steer clear of VPS Land. Awful support and continue to take payments and refuse to give refunds!

  • Liz

    I use SilverRack VPS Hosting ( – Their support has been great and their prices even better.

  • Ryan

    I would like to add eukhost VPS Hosting ( Been using them for over 3 months now. Set-up was quick, support is excellent and much better than my previous host.

  • Matt is truly one of the best vps hosting providers today and the performance of the VPS’s is excellent…

  • Hanko

    I have a VPS with and they are offering a very good service with plenty of hard drive space.

  • If your website is business critical, one should consider a managed service with active monitoring and back-ups. Costs a bit more, but definetly worth it.

  • Mark

    I use – excellent support!