Best Mobile Phone for Senior Citizens

I have always been fond of finding a suitable mobile phone for senior citizens with poor eyesight. Many aged persons lose the interest for mobile phones just because they are not comfortable to operate the mobile phone without wearing eye-glasses.

Dont forget that senior citizens also form a good consumer market. I am very disappointed that many mobile phone companies dont focus on senior citizens comfort while making a mobile phone.

Here are some the good mobile phone that are suitable for senior citizens or people having poor eye sight. The most important characteristic of a mobile phone for aged elder people is displaying the characters/fonts bigger in the display screen. It just doesnt matter either it is single or color display.

1. MotoFone F3

This phone is a very cheap $45 phone having a paper like electronic display. It shows big characters.

A good photo gallery about this phone can be found here

2. Samsung Phone

Almost all samsung phones are bit suitable for senior citizens because they have the option of changing text size.

I particulary very impressed with samsung x520phone very much suited for poor eye sighted people. It is foldable types comes with wine red color. An excellent review about this phone can be found here.

Besides this i managed to collect photographs from my digicamera just to show how comfortable it can be with available font sizes.



3. EmporiaLife Handset
An exclusive mobile phone built for senior citizens made by austrian company. This phone is still not available and only in production stage. You can visit the company website:

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Balakrishnan Prabhu

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  • Hello

    I am currently in this situation and it is compounded by the fact that I am a bed-bound paraplegic living in a nursing home, so I cannot visit any shops.

    Would it hurt to add font point size information in the specs of all phones. At least then you could reproduce this in a word processor and be able to find one that will suit.

    Any suggestions of models would be gratefully appreciated.


  • pbu

    Hi Paul! The problem is mobile phone manufacturers dont make phones with that big font sizes and certainly not with senior citizens in mind. i heard somebody saying nokia 6280 has a facility to increase font size. Try nokia 3110 which has somewhat decent font size if you want a cheaper option! Good luck!

  • Dinah

    My father loves the just5 phone. You can find the phone at The features are really senior-friendly, especially the SOS button that would come in handy during emergencies.

  • Janni

    I just got an AWESOME phone for my Dad from a company in Chattanooga, TN called “Snapfon.” They make this one phone specially for Seniors called the ez ONE and it has large buttons and text, a high-contrast easy to read screen and even has a big orange panic button on the back (it says S.O.S. on it) for emergencies. You can program it to call up to 4 numbers so if the person gets into an emergency situation, they press it and they can get help. If any of the phone numbers programmed in as emergency numbers are cell phones, then it also sends them a text telling them to please answer the call because it is an emergency. We thought that was pretty cool. It has a little flashlight on it as well as an FM radio with earphones.

    It’s VERY simple – it doesn’t have fancy video or a camera or anything – it only does phone calls and texting…but that’s all we wanted for Dad. He could never learn how to do the other stuff anyway (he is 82.)

    He likes it because it’s small and fits in his pocket, and it has a “lock” switch on it so he can lock the keypad when it is in his pocket. His old cell phone didn’t have a lock function that we could ever figure out for him, and he was CONSTANTLY calling people from his pants pocket. LOL!

    Anyway, the ringer is nice and loud, it’s easy to use and he can see it really well. It took his AT&T SIM card, so that was awesome.

    If you are interested, you can check out their website. It’s at and you can order it online there. We got free shipping too! It was reasonably priced (we thought) at $99. We looked at that Jitterbug phone and it was just too expensive, and their rate plans were awfully pricey. 🙁

  • I am always on the lookout for new models of Nokia phone and also iPhone.~”`

  • f lee

    I can’t believe that this wonderful phone is only available in norwegian, finnish, icelandic, swedish and english what a pity they can’t have regular european languages. Not everybody understands english messages and notice of use.

    when will they realise that….

  • Steve Garde

    We purchased a Snapfon ez ONE for our mother, but we’ve misplaced the charger and the battery is now low. Any idea where we can purchase a replacement charger for her phone?