Top 10 vBulletin Plugins/Mods

i have collected some of the 10 most popular vbulletin mods that can be easily integrated to your vbulletin forum.

Note: you must have a valid vbulletin license to use the mods.

1. vbAdvanced

vbAdvanced – Free Content management CMS for vbulletin

2. iTrader Rating

iTrader – trader rating mod

3. Signature Limit Plugin

Signature v1.0 – limits signature for users

4. Links & Download Manager

Links and Download Manager – links download manager plugin

5. vb Ad Management

vb Ad Management – Ad management plugin for your thirdparty and adsense ads.

6. Photoplog Image Gallery

Photoplog – Image gallery module/plugin for vbulletin.

7. vbSEO Sitemap

vbSEO – Google/Yahoo sitemap generator

8. Cyb – Post Count Permissions

Cyb – Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count is a very handy plugin that limits new users to post links, images, private messages, threads and emails based on post count. You might want to force new visitors to post minimum 10 posts to allow a live URL link.

9. reCaptcha Image Verification

reCaptcha – Advanced Captcha to prevent spambot registrations

10. VbSociable Bookmarking

vbSocialble – Social bookmarking hack for vbulletin (Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati..)

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  • admin_papa

    do also consider One Touch Spam Cleanup Plugin. It could come in handy to erase spam posts and ban them with one click.

  • HSCharles

    I have a flash website
    i’m looking for the script who shows google ads in flash.
    can you give me the link?

  • Thanks!,

  • Joe has an “Invite a Friend” plugin for VBulletin.

    Handy to spread the word around.

  • he please give and suggest the plugins for my site

  • Great info, thanx pbu!

  • dougellish


    Can someone tell me how to attach images to forum post.

    thanks a lot

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  • can anybody tell me where i can get the mod for the latest threads on the forum homepage, i’ve search on and found nothing 🙁

  • social bookmarking is very popular nowadays in the same way that social networking sites are also very popular.`,

  • Social bookmarking these days are very common and it is also one way to get backlinks-:’

  • Thanks For Your Information ………

  • thanks dear……..

  • thank you for this very useful blog hope to see it grow bigger soon

  • Thanks great plugins, i want plugins for facebook for VB4

  • DNN

    Quick question for you. That vB social bookmarking hack plugin…does that automatrically ping forum posts, like what OnlyWire does, to social bookmarks, without lifting an extra finger?

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  • i have installed vbulletin but i would like to enhance more like social sharing option and how to change home page link.

  • Some of these are good mods,such as iTrader and vBSEO.

    I see that this list is a bit old. Please condsider vBSocial Notifications in the top 10, as it was just released in 2012.