BSNL Error 691 – Access was denied because username/password was invalid on the domain

Over this past 2 days, I was frequently getting this error and i had been struggling to connect to internet using bsnl dataone. There was absolutely no problem with my password and the modem and adsl was working fine yet i get this error. Sometimes it connects fine and most times i face this problem.


Error 691: Access was denied because the username/password was invalid on the domain.

Here are the main possible reasons for this error 691:

1. Your username and password could be changed. Double check the correct username and password and try again.

2. Your connection could be already active or could be used by someone. In that case you might want to consider changing your password by logging to website. if that didnt work try resetting the modem. Take a pen and insert to modem reset slot and keep pressing for about 10 seconds until the modem restarts.

3. Another possibility could be some maintenance work could be going on with authentication server by BSNL. You might want to switch off modem wait for few minutes and try again later.

4. If nothing works, call the BSNL call centre and they will help you out.

How did i fix it?

In my case the problem was with the corrupt network driver. Once my PC crashed which caused some files of network driver corrupt and was repeatedly giving this error. I re-installed the network card drivers and this problem was gone.

UPDATE: I finally figured out what the problem was! There was a faulty telephone cable causing this problem and we called a technician from telephone company and he replaced the whole cable. Now this problem was totally gone!

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  • Sharad

    This problem is usually caused by the BSNL server and not because of faulty network drivers.

  • sachin

    i am purchased bsnl nic data card card working properly in bsnl office but i am take home and install but error to connect
    error no619 a connection to the remote computer could not be established
    plz help

  • pbu

    Many are facing the same problem nowdays especially at night because of bsnl authentication problem. wait for some time and retry again.

  • I Dont Know

  • ajith

    Check your user name and password. Contact your ISP. Say Reset my password.Problem will be solved.
    That is the only solution.