How to Connect iPod Touch to Internet that Requires Username/Password

Fact: iPod touch can only connect wirelessly (using wi-fi) to broadband internet that is always ON. Since ipod touch does not have or come with any dialer it is not possible to connect to internet that requires username and password using ADSL modem. Technically this means your ipod touch can only get wifi internet access if your router/modem is already connected to internet. (for example in airports etc..)

But there is a way to do it…

Solution: You will need to configure your ADSL modem that automatically connects to internet when switched on. That is otherwise known as PPPoE mode. In this mode the router remembers username and password and automatically dials and connects to internet once switched ON. After you change this your ipod can connect to adsl modem using wi-fi, since is already connected to internet.

If you were previously connecting to internet with using a username and password then you must be using your modem in otherwise known as Bridged mode requiring username and password. You will need to change that to PPPoE mode.

Follow these steps…

Settings on Broadband Wireless Modem

Go to your modem web based interface by typing or on your browser and type admin and password admin. If thats not working just look at your modem manual on how to configure your ADSL modem. You will also need admin login and default password, which will be mentioned in your modem manufacturer manual along with default IP address.

2. Enable wireless and then set new access point name in your wireless modem.
3. Secure your wireless and set password if you need it.

Settings on IPOD

You will soon see the wireless connection detection in your ipod showing the access point name. Tap it and you will be asked for username and password. By now you should have access to internet and you will see blue wifi indicator on top of ipod. Try connecting to internet and if you cant do the following settings…

1. Go to Settings > Wireless Lan > Detected Wireless name > Details (small arrow) > DHCP >

2. Fill in the Router IP (either or depending on wireless modem.  Netgear modem should have

3. Specify Google DNS servers, to resolve domains.

4. Once done, switch OFF the wireless, wait for few seconds then turn ON the wireless in your IPod.5. If all is well, you will the see the blue wireless icon on top of ipod screen. Just open safari to surf websites.

Note: Dont forget that you secure your wireless modem with a WEP network key.

Check out Clear Internet for a mobile wireless connection for your Ipod that’s always on

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    I have just purchase Nokia E63. I can connect my Desktop computer with wireless 802.11b network adapter and Lenovo Laptop N100 Series to BSNL Broadband through Wireless ADSL Router. But, for this, I have to fill Username and password for browsing internet from my computer. And I have special IP Address too for Bowering Internet from BSNL Wireless ADSL Router. Therefor, For browsing internet from my BSNL Wifi Router, I must have to fill up IP Address of BSNL Server and lastly user name and password in my PPPoE Dialer in computer. Now, How I can connect my Nokia E63 to BSNL Wifi Router through Wi-Fi without entering any IP Address on it? I can configure my BSNL Wifi Router to browser Internet without entering any Username and Password for PPPoE Dialer. But still, I must provide unique IP address of My BSNL server for connecting this mobile to Wireless internet Browsing. My Nokia E63 detects my BSNL Wifi Router easily. But I can not serve internet through it without entering my dialer user name and passpord and IP address of my BSNL Server on my Nokia E63 handset. Can I serve internet on my mobile through wifi networking from my Lenovo Laptop?

    Please Help.

    • pbu

      just enter google DNS ip addresses and and your mobile can connect to internet.

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    i turned on my new itouch but it is telling me to connect it to itunes how do i do this?

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      first of all, are you seeing the wifi signal in blue your touch? (see on top). if not you wont be able to connect.

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    i don’t see the wifi signal in blue because this is a new ipod it is still in the connect to itunes screen

    • pbu

      Then probably all you need is to enter DNS IPs to resolve websites. Go to settings and enter Google DNS IPS and Once you do this you should be able to connect to websites.

    • download itunes and pug it in (:

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      Indeed! it doesnt matter which internet connection you use.

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    I did the settings mentioned, but i find it Safari displays the error that it cant display the page as it isnt connected to internet. Yet, i can see the blue icon on the top. Also, i use a bsnl type 4 iti modem with DNS(in ipod) as

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