Fix-> JQuery onclick browser jumps to top of page!

JQuery onclick jumps to top of page

i had an issue with jquery code where i have a html link doing specific tasks for onclick event. Since the appear on bottom of my page, when i click on the link the browser jumps to top of the page every time i click.

<a href="#" onclick="dofunct()">click me</a>

This is really very frustrating as everytime i click a link, the browser jumps to top of page. After a long search, i fixed the problem by replacing # with javascript void function.

<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="dofunc()">click me</a>

It neatly solved my jump problem!

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  • Peet

    Thank you! It helps me. 😉

  • Dave H

    Here is another solution:

    click me

    Returning false prevents the default action of the item you clicked on. I found your solution and this one while trying to solve the same problem. I like this better because you won’t have the ‘javascript:void(0)’ showing up in the bottom corner of your browser when you hover over the link.

  • Thanks, that post has saves me a lot of time debugging!

  • I while back I read that using ‘javascript:void(0);’ was not a best practice.

    Instead you can fix this problem by adding ‘return false;’ to your code, which is a more scalable way of fixing this problem.


    $(‘#container’).click(function () {
    return false;

    More info in this other post:

  • Dan McKenzie

    Thank you both – I went with “return false;”, but each option would suffice for my need. Very easy to find solution in Google.

  • Hungary

    Thank you :)) It’s good nice.

  • Mohio


  • crossan

    Clear and concise solution, many thanks!

  • You can also do this to solve that problem…

  • Thank you! It helps me.

  • Ali Reza salimzadeh

    Thank you!
    It very helps me.

  • I found that click me

  • I found that click me works

  • I found that <ahref=”#linktobottom”></a>

  • Problem solved, cheers

  • Worked perfectly, thanks a lot!

  • Kumar

    javascript:void(0) worked perfectly in all the cases even though it is not a best pratice. How ever return false will work if you are not returning anything in your function.
    In my case my function is returning a value so had to use javascript:void(0).
    Thanks for the good trick.

  • oraclemind

    You saved my life:D

  • Thank you. Super useful.

  • dani

    Thank you it was very simple and helpful

  • wow brilliant nice work i really appreciate this. keep it up.