DNS-Test :: Free dns checking tool script!

DNS-Test :: Free dns checking tool script!

I a wrote a dns checking script perl in script (CGI available) which can perform various tests for dns including…

* Checking for Nameservers NS records
* Website IP address (A Record)
* NS records from parent servers (root server)
* Check for LAME nameservers (Authoritative nameservers)
* Check for Open DNS server
* Check for Zone Transfer (AXFR)
* Check for NS ips on same subnet
* Check for SOA record (with TTL, Referesh etc…)
* Check for Stealth Nameservers
* CNAME Misconfiguration.
* Mailserver MX records
* MX Reverse IP Retrieval
* Check for SPF record
* Check for Domain Keys

The reason i chose perl over php is because its simply too powerful when programming for DNS. You can download the CGI version of script written in perl below.

Download: dns-test.zip
Documentation: see here



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  • Peter

    Hi – have just tried to install the script, but it gives an internal error although everything has been followed, NEt DNS is installed.

    Any idea?

  • Mohini

    Do you have any idea on how to write this script in php. I badly need this.

  • hi
    i have installed this script
    but i have internal server error

    what can i do