Solution – if you are stuck in garden maze in God of War 3

If you are currently playing God of War 3, and  surely you are more likely to get stuck on the third part of water bowl filled with water.

I struggled a lot in this and it consumed lot of time to figure this out. If you are one, got stuck here is the easy way out…

You will have a Hera’s dead body and a block of stairs and the ultimate objective is place the body on the water bowl.

  1. Move the stair block all the way downstairs and place it to activate the button in the floor.
  2. You will soon see the display change and see a new world. Notice carefully that you will see a new stairs  leading to the bowl to carry the dead body.
  3. Grab the Hera’s dead body, climb over the stairs and place it on the bowl.

Thats it!

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