Xbox 360 shows “Incorrect Region code for console”

As much dumb i was i placed a wrong order while shopping online and since my xbox was purchased in one country everytime i start the game with the disc it shows “disc’s region code is incorrect for this console”. i am hooking up my sony bravia through hdmi to sony bravia tv.

i noticed that the game disc which i bought it was written in NTSC-J and some chinese characters.  I did have other games which worked properly and those discs had PAL marked in their game DVDs. oh dear! i got the region coded disc.

So next time, when you buy a xbox game be sure to check what NTSC, NTSC-J, PAL is for, else your game wont work.

NTSC –  North America and South America (United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil)
NTSC-J –  Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan)
PAL – Europe, South Africa, India, Australia, and New Zealand

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Balakrishnan Prabhu

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  • Guest 95

    there is a way to change the country code so those games will work a guy offered to do it to my xbox in afganistan I didnt have it done so I dont know if the games bought in states would still work I cant imagine they would work. The games were 20 for new releases and 5 for old games so it was good deals didnt do it because I wanted to be able to play the games with morth.american country code.

  • Jaden

    Have your xbox jtagged.. it would be able to run any disc no matter the region code. how to? dont ask me. go here..

  • jam

    easy solution;
    1. download demo or free trial for the same game.
    2. go to my game and try to play the demo, automatically will play your disc instead…

    good luck….

    note, after you download the demo, try to disconnect the internet.