Test drive unlimited 2 – Fix for No sound and fullscreen Issues!

My cousin recently got this game Test drive unlimited 2 got from steam i think and i was surprised to find that there was no sound the game runs in windowed mode without full screen. I searched elsewhere in forums and found that you can easily fix these 2 issues.

Full Screen:

Press ALT + ENTER when the game starts (wait for few seconds until you get to main screen) to get to full screen.

No Sound:

First start the game. Once you get to game main screen, press ALT+ENTER, then click sound icon, there go to mixer and you will see a small slider set very low. Increase to maximum. Thats it. Problem solved!

I hope this helps if you are searching for a solution.

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  • Mirjani

    Full screen is fixed but I can’t hear any character voices and sounds like cars or music etc are fine and since there is no subtitles I cant understand the story

  • Check Out The Resolution

  • Zib

    Same Problem

  • The Noktaul

    yes, thank you very much 🙂 My sound is on the maximum, thanks again 🙂

  • This was amazing! Loved it. 😉

  • twiejes

    the fullscreen worked , but the sound not.

    if i press ALT+ENTER then just the screen geets bigger , i dont get a screen with sound icons or simething like that

    plz help

  • Dionysie

    Thank you! it fixed it for me, both sound and full screen issue.

  • GT500

    thank you 🙂

  • Mikkedzu

    in the mixer its full but it still won work