iPhone metal case cover drops signal

I am sharing the experience I had with my iPhone 4. Having recently bought a beautiful aluminum metal case, I noticed that iPhone signal always goes down and never got full strength. Because of poor signal reception often the calls drop and slow Internet speeds.

Whats strange is as soon as I removed the metal iPhone case, I absolutely had no problems whatsoever and the signal indicator gets back to full strength. This made me believe that the culprit for poor signal reception is the metal casing. I was initially blaming iPhone antenna design. Oh by the way i am a left-hander.

So, if you experience poor reception, frequent call drops or low Internet speeds make sure you stay away from metal cases.

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Balakrishnan Prabhu

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  • chineology

    Yes, i have the same problem, i need to know if this problem will be fixed, because i love the cover style look amazing ….but loss the signal : ( any body?