Site down – core memory files dumped in public_html folder

Never experienced anything like this.  I noticed that my site often very slow and sometimes pages take longer time to load with drags, sometimes even timed outs at peak times. This is quite unusual to me as i run a light weight php application and there could be no way it could slow down like this and i highly supected it.

Having done some research, i noticed that couple of core memory files dumped in the public_html folder. i knew very well that with php crashes, such files appear and i quickly did some research on this it turns out to be either zend engine or easy accelerator is causing segmentation fault with apache and thus sluggish performance and core memory files about 3mb dumped in site folder. i disabled the zend and easy accelerator using php.ini (or) you can even place a custom php.ini in your website folder by commenting out zend lines.

You can analyze the core memory files using this command

file <core-filename>

You can delete all these memory files without any worries.

i experienced this problem with dedicated server running quad core cpu with 2gb of ram with Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3.3, Cpanel, Mysql 5.

i fixed the issue by analyzing the apache log files under cpanel here /etc/httpd/logs/error_log and then restarted the apache.

Another way of fixing this is compiling apache, php without zend or eaccelerator through easyapache.