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Thinlines is a glossy wordpress theme unlimited header colors, and nice grey gradients thin 1px border lines.  This theme was designed with visual presentation in mind by using extensive use of full width site layout to present content.

It is free and released under GPL.

Update: This theme has been approved by WP Team. You can download the latest version here:





This theme if you dont specify any left and right sidebar widgets will default to full width theme on posts/pages.

1. Upload the theme and activate it.
2. Slice a logo exactly 200x90px and upload the logo.
3. Favicon can be 100×100 png.
4. Write the Footer copyright text if you prefer.
5. Make use the Top Widgets (text box) to show ads.


The index page shows blog posts in full width. It does not support left and right sidebar widgets except the top widget.


Featured box comes with big title and a image with a sub descriptions which distinctly appears in black background below.
You can enable/disable featured box which shows sitewide. Remember if you leave any field empty, the theme will disables it. The size of showcase image can be 300px width or more.


There is a theme option to enable/disable comments which is shown on all pages and posts. Make use of this if you dont like comments.


This theme comes with a full width template and make use of this layout. Create a page, assign this template.

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