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About me

My name is Prabhu Balakrishnan.


I founded Corpocrat magazine way back in 2005 when i started blogging. I was fascinated by the definition of “Corpocrat”.  Here is what it means. A corpocrat applies corpocracy to control economic and political decisions.


My interests are WordPress, Programming,  Data Mining, Machine learning, Linux servers and Blockchain/Crypto.


I am also fascinated by citizenship. Currently i am also one of the world’s leading experts in helping wealthy investors with citizenship and residency schemes in Europe and Caribbean. I have several startup companies in this area.


I have bachelors degree in Computer Engineering worked as Entrepreneur, Linux Systems Administrator, Webmaster and blogger since 2004.


You can contact us at this page


Other Interests

I love open source software and free scripts. I love traveling and it has been a great passion for me.



I love gaming in PC and XBOX platforms (xbox gamer tag: Adeptpluto6) .