Grenada CBI program

Significant changes to Grenada citizenship by investment

Grenada has made further significant changes to its citizenship by investment (CBI) program. Effective immediately, the Grenada CBI program allows siblings of…

Saint Lucia Passport

St Lucia amends CIP Act making it simple

St Lucia has amended Citizenship by investment program (CIP) Act 2019 making it simple to applicants.   The changes were…

Moldova passport by investment

Moldova grants first citizenship for investment

Moldova has granted citizenship to first CBI citizen after five months of launched the Moldovan citizenship by investment program (MCBI)….

Best CBI passports

Citizenship by Investment Amendments 2019

A lot of new changes and amendments happened to citizenship by investment programs in 2019, some countries have tightened the…

Best Citizenship

The Best Citizenships in the World

A study was conducted to answer which country has the best citizenship in the world.  The Best Citizenships Index (BCI)…


Extreme Wealth in Numbers

Today we measure, wealth in millions and billions. These are just finite and limited wealth.  Wealth is not finite. There…

Canada golden visa

Canada opens New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program

  The New Brunswick province of Canada, offers a  New Brunswick foreign investor and entrepreneur program (NBIIP),  to international investors…

Grenada CBI program

Important changes to Grenada citizenship by investment from April 1, 2019

Grenada has made significant changes to its citizenship-by-investment (CBI) program from 1 April 2019.   The most important 2019 changes made…

Perform Link Audits On Regular Basis

6 Things to consider choosing a VPN

  Whether you want to protect your family’s devices from cyber-criminals, a business that wants to enhance the safety of…

Golden visa comparison

EU countries dominate Best Golden visa rankings for 2019

  Golden visas offer residence in exchange for investments in real estate, business or bonds. Investors and their family members…