ECR/ECNR seals in Indian Passport

It is very important to understand the purpose of ECNR and often many people confuse with ECR and ECNR.

As of Oct 1, 2007 Government of India has abolished Emigration Check Required Suspension (ECRS), as a result of this The Indian Passport Office no longer stamps ECNR stamp in new passports by default if you have passed class X or income tax payee. But ECR stamp is being put in passports if applicant is not eligible for ECNR.

No emigration clearance  is required for visiting Bangladesh, Pakistan and all countries in Europe (excluding CIS states), North America, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa and Singapore.

If the passport does not have ECR stamp, the applicant is deemed to have been granted ECNR status. No ECNR stamp will be affixed on the passport.

Why do you need to remove ECR from your passport?

Passport holders with ECR stamp affixed who leave the country for employment purpose require emigration clearance from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POEs).  Otherwise, they will be stopped from travelling at the port of exit. For more information, please see this page.

How to remove ECR seal from your passport and obtain ECNR status?

The procedure is very easy and you have to apply for “Deletion of ECR” in the passport office in your city.

1. Download the FORM 2 application for Miscellaneous services. Download here

2. Mention the service requested as “Deletion of ECR status”

3. Attach copies of your class x, +2, college degree certificates as proof for education along with address proof.  You can also produce PAN card with 3 years income tax receipts (sometimes it is asked).

4. Hand over your original passport at the counter and it should take about 2-3 days to get the whole process done..


(a)  All holders of Diplomatic/official Passports.

(b)     All GAZETTED Government servants.

(c)     All Income-Tax payers (including Agricultural Income-Tax Payees) in their individual capacity. Proof of assessment of income tax and actual payment of income tax for last one year or copy of PAN card to be insisted upon, and not merely payment of advance tax. However, in most cases as an assessment order is not issued separately by the income tax department, income tax returns which are stamped by income tax authorities can be accepted.

(d)    All professional Degree holders, such as Doctors holding MBBS degree or equivalent degree in AYURVED or HOMEOPATHY, accredited Journalists, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Lecturers, Teachers, Scientists, Advocates, etc.

(e)     Spouses and dependent children of category of persons listed from (b) to (d).

(f)      All persons having educational qualifications of matriculation and above.

(g)      Seamen who are in possession of CDC or Sea Cadets, Deck Cadets;

(i) who have passed final examination of three years B.Sc. Nautical Sciences Courses at T.S. CHANAKYA, MUMBAI; and

(ii)  who have undergone three months Pre-Sea training at any of the Government approved Training Institutes such as T.S.CHANAKYA, T.S. REHMAN, T.S. JAWAHAR, MTI (SCI) and NIPM, CHENNAI, after production of identity cards issued by the Shipping Master, MUMBAI/KOLKATA/CHENNAI.

(h)      Persons holding Permanent Immigration Visa, such as the visas of UK, USA and Australia.

(i)      Persons possessing two years diploma from any institute recognized by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) or State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) or persons holding three years’ diploma/equivalent degree from institutions like Polytechnics recognized by Central/State Governments.

(j)       Nurses possessing qualifications recognized under the Indian Nursing Council Act. 1947.

(k)     All persons above the age of 50 years.

(l)     All persons who have been staying abroad for more than three years (the period of three years could be either in one stretch or broken) and their spouses.

(m)    All children up to the age of 18 years of age. (At the time of re-issue at the age of 18  years, ECR stamping shall be done, if applicable)..

Note: The information given above is for general information only and may not be interpreted as professional advice. For specific information and procedures, please call the passport issuing office in your city directly.

You can get the phone numbers on the respective passport office websites below:


Official Website Passport Office:

Application Forms  Download:

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    • pbu

      Just show your +2 certificate or a PAN card, they will remove the ECR. No need for degree. Things have been so easier nowdays.

  1. mohammed irshad

    i had ECR in my passport. since last 8 years i am going to aboard(Dubai)but my problem is yesterday in airport they are refused to go now.Why did happens? I learned in abroad about ECR they told me that whether one person stayed in abroad about 3 years our ECR is automatically cancelled is it right?

    • pbu

      The passport office have the right to delete the ECR. It is not automatically canceled. You have to show necessary documents to get it done at the passport office. Ask the passport office about this.

  2. HBS

    Now iam a state govt employee. I applied passport in 1994 through travel agency , but i have not submitted my degree certificate. so my passport affixed ECR stamp. Is it necessary to remove ECR stamp. other wise what happens if i don’t remove . my plan is to take VR from the govt in the next year and trying to work in malaysia. I have postgraduation in maths. please help me in this regard

  3. qureshi

    i don’t have sslc marks card i got selected for job in uae iam going to get employment visa how can i cancel my ecr or what is the alternate option to go uae with employment visa…. pls reply asap

  4. intekhab

    I got employment visa from abu dhabi, now i had to submit my passport to delete ecr stamp, i have submitted my old passport to varanasi passport seva kendrna under normal scheme, can you please tell me how much time it takes to get new passport, as i need to join early in my office abu dhabi

  5. Altaf

    My passport is having ECR stamp. i am working here in dubai for the last 6 months,while coming here in dubai I have taken POE stamp.
    Now I m going on India for a short leave, can i get ECNR stamp on my passport even though i have POE stamp already on my passport.
    If I make my passport ECNR than will it going to create any problem when I will go Dubai after vacation. plz neeed ur best suggestion.
    plz reply.

  6. ramanarayanan


    My wife (who holds a UAE residence visa)who is presently in India, since, 30th August, has a PP, which finally expires (after 10 years)in May 2013. By what date she must travel to the UAE so that 6 months PP validity condition is fulfilled? Further, she wants to apply for a new PP, while in the UAE (as her present PP was issued in Dubai). How long does it take to get a new PP from the Indian Consulate in Dubai? Do we need to have new visa stamping done, once a new PP is obtained or the visa on the old PP will hold good?

  7. tahir

    i am a indian passport holder it was issued on 2008 when i was 14 yrs old and now i have a employment to uae and there no stamp of ECR OR ECNR can i will be allowed to travel UAE

    • pbu

      You may or may not. You will need to get special permission from dept of labour, if you want to leave India for work (this is only for ECR holders). Go to passport office, show your +2 certificate to remove ECR.

  8. Syed Iqbal

    Respacted Sir,i need to make stamp ECNR,on my passport.Kindly inform me how can i get ECNR on my passport,it will be highly greatfull for me.Thanks

    • Ibrahim

      Just Go here. EASIEST Way, it will be sort out in 2days only.

      Shop no: 65-68 ground floor, Babu khan Estate, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad-1
      Tel: 040-66255555(14 lines), Fax: 040-66250506

  9. shaik minhaj ahmed

    i need about the information of ecnr i have ecr please confirm me and fee and the problem one more my name is in SSC SHEIK MINHAZ AHMED but in passport and other ids is SHAIK MINHAJ AHMED i have to go visit visa to dubai and there is job for accountant what i do i have only 15 days is left pls. suggest me i am at karimnagar, A.P.

  10. mohamed

    sir, i have took my passport with 10th mark sheet but the ECNR not in clear.i have cdc and i am a b.e degree holder so, what ihave to do ECNR clearance within one day because i have to go for aboard within two days there is any way to get it

    • pbu

      New passports these days, come with no ECNR stamps. If your passport is “blank” and if there is no “Emigration Clearance Required (ECR), it means you are ECNR by default.

  11. raj

    ECR(Emigration Check Required) stamp problem in my passport?

    Dear all,

    Recently i got my passport, in the second page i got ECR stamp but in the third page of the passport they have stamped it as deleted and it has been signed by the regional passport officer. Does this mean that i need to apply for ECNR or not? In my passport application i had asked for ECNR status.

    When i was going abroad Emigration officer checked my data & told me to delete second page ECR stamp. then i coming back also emigration ask me some basic Question liKe( my professional, where i am working, what purpose i went abroad etc.)

    how do i delete second page and how long i will take to delete

    Kindly advice

  12. mohammed sadiq

    hi sir this is sadiq i got my employment visa for muscat but in my passport ECR is mentioned and i hav discontinued my 10th so what is the procedure to get ECNR in my passport
    plz help me..

  13. Mrs Sudha

    My son turned 18 ,so we went in for reissue of fresh passport.there they said his status will be ECR, the reason being he did his 10th grade in IGCSE (cambridge univ) and he has also completed his AS and A levels with flying colours… they do not recognize it ,it seems…infact they did not know what board it was.They said not to bother and that at immigration they will just put a stamp it seems.With India having so many IGCSE and IB boards ,are they going to do the same to all such students.Now I am wondering what to do.Can I get any help on this matter.

  14. Noufal

    Dear Sir.
    My Friends will hope to go Abroad his passport Required ECNR. How to apply ECNR certificate stamping.How many coast this form.
    plze replay me best suggestion.

  15. azrah

    I had ECR on my old pass port from Mumbai.this passport got expired in 2008 when I was in UAE.I had renewed the passport from AbuDhabi which do not have ECR stamp.I came back to India in 2012.Now I got the employment visa for Qatar.Is ECR required on the new passport which was issued from UAE to go to Qatar.Please reply soon if possible.thanks a id is

  16. Kishore

    Hi Guys,

    If we apply for ECNR stamp deletion in passport, is once again need to face police verification?

    Please note that address is same as old passport.

  17. awirai

    Sir / madam
    I am working in dubai since 3 years 4 months and I got a new job in another company before joining my new company I want to cancel my old company visa and I want to come back home india for few days and I ll be joining my new company soon and my passport requires ECR, so ll there be any problems while returning from india to dubai in airport regarding ECR . pls help

  18. Roshan Pradhan

    I am working in Afghanistan from 3 years and 9 months and My Passport required ECR, every 6 month i am coming India on My Leave till now i don’t have any problem, But! now a days they are asking POEs Stamp Can you help me for that (Where and How ) abroad about 3 years our ECR is automatically cancelled is it right? Sir Can you help me how i can removed ECR Stamp from my passport. pls Help me……..

    Thank you

  19. Anoop

    I had ECNR stamp that says its valid till the age of 24. I am 25 now. I have visit visa to travel to Dubai for 10 days. Will there be any issue in airport regarding this?

  20. shadab sheikh


    Could you please explain me as i have my wife’s passport recently received which has no ECNR stamp its only first page with ID of the person issue date / expiry and all last page has the address details.

    Rest all the pages are black (for visa and stamp purpose) is that okie or would this require ECNR stamp on it??

    Please guide.

  21. MK.V

    Dear sir,
    I discontinued my studies while I was studying9th. Then recently I finished my degree in Tamil nadu open university. Is it eligible for the Deletionof ECR in my Passport. Please reply me quickly as possible sir..

  22. Ansh

    Hi, according to passport website it is clear that minors automatically receive ECNR. Is it true for minors aged 15 plus applying for 10 yr passports? Thanks.

    I will need to reissue my passport when I turn 17 (I am 16 now). website seems clear that all minors automatically get ECNR but would like to confirm.


  23. Priya M

    Hi. Thank you for the information. I had my passport made in 2012 and got the ECR stamp on it I might have checked the wrong option in the application unknowingly. Now I am traveling to USA in August for studies. Will this pose a problem? Either way can I get it removed now?

  24. Ravindra Kumar

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in Abu Dhabi on 2 years residence visa.

    I want to sponsor my family on residence visa in Abu Dhabi but the problem is my wife has ECR passport.

    Can she travel to Abu Dhabi on ECR passport as housewife on husband sponsorship?

    Will she get residence visa in Abu Dhabi?
    Thanking you

  25. yusuf`

    my brother is 8th pass and he has recently got an offer form oman for a job. how can he remove ECR stamp?? please help soon… its urgent. he has pancard but since he is not working so no income taxc.