Best Car to buy under 3 lacs in India

I was searching all over the major car brands in India and was looking for a car between 2-3 lacs. I am planning to buy a petrol car well within maximum 3 lacs.

so which car to buy?

I did some research of the websites of maruti, hyundai and tatamotors and found that surprisingly only about 3 cars meet my budget. If i add air conditioner the price would jump by Rs.30’000.

Tata nano 2.0 lacs
Renalud KWID 2.6 lacs
Maruti ALTO – 2.4 lacs (without AC)
Datsun redi-Go 2.4 lac
Maruthi omni – 2.3 lacs
Chevrolet Chevy – 2.66 lacs (with AC i think)

and one more fiat model.

See here:

** Please note that the prices may have been changed by manufactureres. Check their website for actual pricing in your city.

I very much liked the hyundai santro xing but the only disappointment is no AC and no music system. If you go for AC model, it only comes with power steering and the price would cross 3.7lacs. Hmmm!

From what i understood, these prices are ex-showroom. To get the on road pricing (registration + insurance + other ) you have to pay approx 30’000 from the ex-showroom price.

Without Air Conditioner and music system buying a car isnt just worth it. You have allot a budget of Rs 25’000 to Rs 30’000 for AC and Rs 6k to 10k for music system. No matter what you just cant buy a car without 3 lacs. Let me tell you 3lacs is awful lot of money for any ordinary indian.

You can research the latest car prices, specific to your city in the following websites…

Tata Website :
Maruti Website:
Hyundai Website:

Hope this would be helpful!


The two best cars under 3 lacs are hyundai santro xing and maruti alto LX. i liked them both. Both pricing are almost the same and there are lot of differences. I am strictly under 3 lacs and AC with music system is a must.

Hyundai santro is a beautiful car, more spacious (backseats can be rolled) and its 4 cylinder engine. But you wont get AC and music system for this under 3 lacs. In summer it could be terrible without AC in summer.

Maruti Alto is not bad at all. It is car that gives you good value for money. You will get AC and music system all within 3lacs. You have to go to showroom and take a look. It is pretty convenient car.

I finally decided to buy ALTO LX (air conditioner) and the car dealer narrowed down to 2.92 lacs. I also took a music system.

So, before you plan to buy a car, make sure you go to showroom and do proper research. Keep in mind that these small small things like AC and music system can become so vital in the long term driving. Good luck!

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  • tripti shukla

    i am going to marry next year & looking a good looking & good ave car. my budget is 3 lacs.
    please advice.

    • Sambit Rath

      ALTO k 10 can be a suitable model for you.

  • pbu

    hyundai santro xing is good. i liked that car. go for it. it comes like 2.99 lacs (on road price) all inclusive. The only problem is there is no AC and music system.

  • Sarath

    go for chevy ..itz d best

  • Royston fernandes

    hello people. m a automobile engineering student.For me the best car is hyundai santro or maruti alto.Santro seems more safer then alto,but alto gives more mileage then santro.Both got good looks.As in comfort both are ok.If i would i would buy santro xing.Thank you

  • rustic sepia

    I Hate Chevy. Also I have absolutely no idea why cars costing $45k(usd) abroad should cost 65 lakhs in India.

  • aprajita

    thanks, we are from middle class family and can not afford more than 3 ur suggestion is definitely helpful.thanks

    • ROOPUN

      skoda launching affordable car for small & middle class family

  • Jithu

    Am from a middle class family. My budget is up to 3lakh. I want a detailed information and more about wagnor and chevy

  • abylash

    Appreciating your valuable research & itz useful for a middle class person who want to buy a car for IR 3Lakh. Can you do the same with the budget of IR 4Lakh.

  • shubh

    i want to buy best cars whose good perform,menteniense and avrage.

  • in our place, the weather could turn out to be uncomfortably humid that is why we bought an air conditioner at home to reduce h***


  • gingara

    hai.i want 2 buy a swift car.if any 1 need car undr 2 laks try a sumo or’s both luxury,powr,milage.

  • Aswin


  • bris

    looking for a good car around 3 lacks
    i belong to middle class family
    your suggestion is good

  • I bought a Santro wayback in 2002 and it still serves good. Low maintenenace and good value for the money..

  • simpil

    plz suggest me a good car to buy in thd 3 lack n also tell me about the chevy its detalis n pricing n alto price

  • GOOD,& valuable sugestion for middle class family as us.

  • I want used,wagon r,alto,santro,.Kindly suggest me who is the best & cheapest.

  • i want to buy a good second hand car under two lakhs kindly suggest me

  • amit manchanda

    which car is best for me in diesel version in range of 12lacks

  • Biswanath

    Many mnay thanks. Your article is very very helpful. Thanks a lot.

  • kumarjit biswas

    good to hear that alto is the best , i m planning to buy one next month , thanx for ur suggesstion wd come in handy .

  • bmw is better than ferrari my bugget is about 80 lakhs give suggesions

  • Shanu

    i need a car in a budget of 3 lac….
    to be gifted in sister’s marriage…
    so some how stylish looks….

  • james

    i want bye a new maruti car any model with in 3 lacks in road

  • Jinjinjinj

    Go for hyundai eon its the best car in the segment and the most stylish too….. Chevy spark could be another option…..

  • My budget is upto 5 lakhs plz suggest