HOWTO: Use Automatic Washing Machine to Wash Clothes?

Washing clothes is one of the hardest work for any person in the planet. Recently i have purchased a LG top loading, fully automatic machine ($375) and i was very surprised, being a first time user i really didnt know how to use a washing machine. I hate to admit it but its the truth.

If you are planning to buy a automatic washing machine… here are the features that is a must have for a good washing machine

1. Wash mode
2. Rinse mode
3. Spinning mode
4. Dryer
5. Top loading or front loading.
6. Option of cold and hot water.

The best washing machine is front loading type but it the most expensive ($500) and the disadvantage is you have to lean down everytime to load or pull out your clothes. The cost effective and budget type would be top loading machine.

How to setup a washing machine

1. Connect the machine to power socket.
2. Connect both hot and cold inlets to water pipes.
3. Make sure you place the waste water outlet in appropriate place.
4. Add a good washing powder.
5. Power on the machine
6. Set the water level manually (if it doesnt start)

The advantage of using hot water to kill germs. In my LG washing machine it takes about 40 minutes

Washing Mode

In this mode most washing machines simply swirl or rotate the clothes after soaking in the water mixed with washing powder. It does few rotations and does some inner swirl to remove the dirt or stains in clothes.

Rinsing Mode

In this mode the machine first releases the waste water completely and then fills in fresh water to re-clean the foam and washing powder in the clothes. This is called rinsing. It cleans washing powder left in your clothes including any bleaches with fresh water.

In most machines the spinning would work only if you have connected the hot or cold water inlet.


Once the rinsing is done, the machine rotates the clothes and this process completely eliminates about 80% of the water in the clothes. If you live in a sunny place (with good sunshine) remove the clothes and dry it manually under sun, else if you live in a cold country, you might need dryer.


Once spinning is complete, the machine dries your clothes by letting in hot air and does increased spinning to dry your clothes. Note that power consumption would be more in this mode and if you want to cut your power bills stop with spinning.

Here i am sharing what i have learnt from being a noob in washing. I really liked my machine and it infact removed dirt and stains very well. Infact my clothes smelled good.