HOWTO: Use Automatic Washing Machine to Wash Clothes?

Washing clothes is one of the hardest work for any person in the planet. Recently i have purchased a LG top loading, fully automatic machine ($375) and i was very surprised, being a first time user i really didnt know how to use a washing machine. I hate to admit it but its the truth.

If you are planning to buy a automatic washing machine… here are the features that is a must have for a good washing machine

1. Wash mode
2. Rinse mode
3. Spinning mode
4. Dryer
5. Top loading or front loading.
6. Option of cold and hot water.

The best washing machine is front loading type but it the most expensive ($500) and the disadvantage is you have to lean down everytime to load or pull out your clothes. The cost effective and budget type would be top loading machine.

How to setup a washing machine

1. Connect the machine to power socket.
2. Connect both hot and cold inlets to water pipes.
3. Make sure you place the waste water outlet in appropriate place.
4. Add a good washing powder.
5. Power on the machine
6. Set the water level manually (if it doesnt start)

The advantage of using hot water to kill germs. In my LG washing machine it takes about 40 minutes

Washing Mode

In this mode most washing machines simply swirl or rotate the clothes after soaking in the water mixed with washing powder. It does few rotations and does some inner swirl to remove the dirt or stains in clothes.

Rinsing Mode

In this mode the machine first releases the waste water completely and then fills in fresh water to re-clean the foam and washing powder in the clothes. This is called rinsing. It cleans washing powder left in your clothes including any bleaches with fresh water.

In most machines the spinning would work only if you have connected the hot or cold water inlet.


Once the rinsing is done, the machine rotates the clothes and this process completely eliminates about 80% of the water in the clothes. If you live in a sunny place (with good sunshine) remove the clothes and dry it manually under sun, else if you live in a cold country, you might need dryer.


Once spinning is complete, the machine dries your clothes by letting in hot air and does increased spinning to dry your clothes. Note that power consumption would be more in this mode and if you want to cut your power bills stop with spinning.

Here i am sharing what i have learnt from being a noob in washing. I really liked my machine and it infact removed dirt and stains very well. Infact my clothes smelled good.

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  • Hi, ive got a new fully automatic machine and dryer… its like ive been sitting all night till morning with the user manual trying to figure out what the fuzzy buttons functions are.. what u dictated here is of good help , but that machine samsung wd-b1255 has some functions like airwash, bigwash, stains n stuff.. it does the washing, rinsing,temperature, spinning and later a 100% dry by itself in the end.. but this procedure takes about 3 hours !!! , for 6.5 kg , approx 8 clothes… im new to this fully automatic world.. isnt the time a lot of TTOOOO much !

  • pbu

    yes, most automatic washing machines do take upto 1hr to wash clothes under fuzzy mode. why not change to quick mode?

    The only advantage with automatic machine is just dump your clothes and forget it and come back after one hour.

    Dont use drying if its sunny weather as it takes much more time.

  • sumera

    how to make machine wash cloths fast

  • pbu

    sumera, i think no machine can do fast washing and yes the front loading washing machines are of commercial grade and can do the job fast.

  • Top load washing machines actually wash faster than front loaders. These machines also have more ergonomic designs easier on the back. The main advantage of front loaders is their energy and water efficiency. But you can get nearly the same energy and water efficiency in newer high efficiency washers today.

  • nina

    I just got the samsung WA91V3,how do i get the water to drain or enter into my washing machine. cos each time i open the tap behind, the water just keeps going into the machine and wont stop, and i cant drain it or get it out either.

  • mohan kumarr

    i bought a new lg washing machine. but i live in a rented room, where water tap is not in good condition. so, can i put water from top to wash my clothes?

    • No dear you cant do so because my mom did the same thing but machine didn’t proceed further. As a result we have to wait for tomorrow. And this types off fully automatic machines needs more & continue water supply.

  • sugan

    LG Fully automatic top loading:
    In the rinse mode, its not even rinsing the clothes for 2mins… soon as it fill the water after 2mins its releasing, and rinsing also continuously happening we are forcefully stopping.Any setting has to be changed?.

  • Bisi

    i want to buy washing machine (top loader) but my question is how to apply water to the clother because there is no tap water in my house and which product is the best. Thanks.

  • Anu


    I have Samsung Full automatic 6.75 kg washing machine. Problem is that on dark colour clothes some marks (kind of waste that stores in magic filter) remain……. How to handle this



  • my lg washing wachine not washing cloth properly,only one side rotation is there, to and fro movement is not there. please suggest what to do, if changing of gear is reguire then how to do it

  • hi, i buy a fully automatic LG machine, ws56627td.
    I want to know how to use this machine

  • Mrs khalid

    Hi I bought fully automati machine after taking water it doesn’t start moving it’s tub takes 2 hours sometimes 3hours do I need to service or it has any other problem please answer me thanks

  • eman hazim

    I have Samsung fully automatic washing machine,when i use it i hear strong sounds of shaking the machine ,i mean the whole mashine shakes with the high sound of the shaking drum ,why……..thanks

    • starsailor79

      Hello Eman Hazim, the sound of a shaking drum in a washing machine usually relates to an unbalanced load. You should try to take out your clothes and distribute it evenly back in the washing machine. Make sure that there’s no heavy load which tends to lean to one side of the drum as this will cause the drum to spin unevenly hence, the noisy shaking and banging sounds. If it still shakes, then you may have a “slanted drum” and that would require a service from a qualified technician. Hope that helps, Cheers!

  • evi

    I bought LG fully auto but I can’t add water using the hose so I added it using a bucket and the machine wouldn’t wash the clothes it just doesn’t spin..

  • My samsung fully automatic washing machine does;nt works according to my wish and now i am starting a propaganda against samsung
    Hey guys don’t buy samsung washing machine


    I bought a SAMSUNG fully automatic washing machine WA8OB3 and now is giving me a problem,whenever i try to pour water inside it just go straight to the waste pipe.How can this problem be solved please assist me.

    • starsailor79

      Hello Sindile, a fully automatic washing machine requires a continuous water supply from a dedicated tap. It won’t work if you just pour water into it as there are pressure sensors in the system that detects incoming water supply from a tap. If you are planning to use a fully automatic washing machine, then you should make sure a tap is connected to the machine by a water tight hose. Hope that helps, Cheers!

  • baijith

    How many times we can use samsung automatic washing machine continuously ?

  • Raja Afiq

    Hallo, I’m using LG auto washing machine and it get stuck when time to rinse. Why? It happened?