how to check if image loaded or not in javascript?

how to check if image loaded or not in javascript?

If you are having a webpage with large sized images, you would notice the browser taking long time to load those images and showup. A good idea would be show a loading animation until large photos load.

There is a way to check whether the images have been loaded or not in javascript. Using the Image() object is a good method to cache large images.

You can use onload function to trigger a event after loading is complete.

objImg = new Image();
objImg.src = 'photo.gif';
objImg.onload = function() { 
                           /// do some work;

Another way of checking is use complete property

objImg = new Image();
objImg.src = 'photo.gif';

        /// do other work;

Hope this helps if you are a javascript programmer.

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Balakrishnan Prabhu

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  • Nightfly

    Not all browsers support onload or complete. For complete cross-browser compatibility, check if the width or height are greater than 0.

  • Gaurav Arya

    Awesome code of Java Script. Thanks for letting us know.
    I also thought to mention one very minor thing here. In the code above
    objImg.onload = function {
    /// do some work;

    Parenthesis “()” should be added after the keyword “function” above. I know almost everybody is aware of it eventhen thought to mention it here.

    Many thanks for this great help.

    Gaurav Arya

  • pbu

    very well spotted Gaurav!

  • You have to put onload event handler declaration before src property change because IE wouldn`t process it well.

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  • I don’t think this works at all. You must get the size of the image in KB and then you need to check if the total size is downloaded or not.

    I think this will work to check if IMAGE is downloaded or not completely in JavaSript. If somebody can do this, please let me know… LOL