Top Ways To Boost Your WordPress Website Speed

How faster your website loads is an important factor that determines how much time the visitors are going to spend over a particular website. A fast loading website is thus the first recommendation that must be followed in order to accomplish the development of WordPress websites. There are a number of such ways that could help in boosting the site speed. Both organic and non-organic SEO ways are there that could be used to get long-term benefits either for ranking or for speeding up the websites.

Boost Your WordPress Website Speed

The write-up has been summarized with effective ways of boosting up the speed of the website. Here are the recommendations for the same.

1.Choose a Good Web Host

Choosing the right web hosting company is one task that cannot be compromised with; however, a number of website owners do the same in order to save a few bucks of money. When choosing the right hosting company, keep in mind to make your contact to someone who is reliable and can offer your website a considerable server space.

2.Choose Solid framework/Theme

Frameworks are very much essential to initiate and conclude the job of website development. They help in making your site’s appearance much more engaging and also ensure the right functioning of the websites. Themes, on the other hand, modify the design and the appearance of the website makes it very much suitable for the visitors. Thus, it is advised to invest in a strong but lean framework so that it could not add on the extra time to the site loading speed.

3.Use Content Delivery Network

A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a distribution system that is used in different data centers across the internet. Content delivery system comes in use when clients visit any particular website and they are served with the images and CSS files from the closest geographical server. With this technique, the load on servers is reduced drastically, which aids in improved site speed.

4.Fix Your 404 Errors

404 or not found error means the page users have been looking for cannot be found by the server. Missing files generate 404 error and this is definitely going to slow down the website’s speed. Therefore, keeping an eye on this error while rendering the website pages is highly recommended. Fixing the error will help you achieve faster website loading speed. 404 error generally generates when either the URL or the specific page is removed.


5.Optimize Your Site’s Database

Optimizing the site’s database is important as there is no guarantee that deleting the unused plugins will disappear from the site also. Thus, it gets important to optimize the site’s database in order to frequently clean the database for faster page loading speed. There is a plugin called WP-Optimizer for the similar purpose.

6.Take Care of your Page Size

Displaying a lot of content in website pages may allure the visitors; however, one should always try to keep the page size to the minimum. This particular requirement becomes more crucial when pages are designed for mobiles. As smartphones have got a little displaying space, it is suggested to take care of the page size.

7.Optimize Your Images

Image do slow down the speed of the website and thus, it is recommended to optimize the images that you will be using on the websites. Images that are above 50KB should always be optimized as they are heavier in size and could add more to the uploading time of the website. Photoshop or similar software could help in this regard.

8.Enable Caching

There is no doubt about the fact that caching helps to improve the load time of the page. Thus, by enabling the caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache, etc. will help to produce static HTML files that will further make the user experience very much prominent. There is a variety of cache plugins available for page caching, database caching, etc.

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin


An improved site speed is going to add more to the website in terms of providing users an exceptional experience. Improved site speed means better web ranking, happy users, and an additional sales opportunity.

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