How to kill Abyss watchers ?


I finally killed abyss watchers with hollow slayer sword. You will fight 2 watchers in the first stage – (original and clone), and finally the bos with fire sword on the second stage. The difficulty will test your dodging skills.

The key is when you fight 2 abyss watchers in the first phase, keep dodging them for a minute or so, until the 3rd red eyed abyss watcher rises. Use his help and distraction to kill the two abyss watchers (original and clone) (if you screw up the red-eyed watcher will attack).

The cutscene in the 2nd stage, will show blood from two dead abyss watchers will merge, creating another powerful single abyss watcher with fire sword.

Just follow these tips:

  • Use a lightweight armor with good fire resistance.
  • Abyss watchers are weak to lightning and backstabbing.
  • Dont fight both the watchers at the same time. Keep dodging and running – wait for the red eyed third abyss watcher and use his help. This way you have to fight only one, not two.
  • Use the dragon shield (found near wolf farron bonfire) which has 89% fire resistance and 100% physical resistance.
  • Lock your camera to the boss (not clone).
  • Dont do too many hits exhausting your stamina, you wont be able to dodge or run, taking massive damage.

To beat the abyss watcher with fire sword, you will need to get a good armor that has fire resistance and keep your shield down. Attack him on his left. It will help if you have long range sword so that you can hit him from far away. He becomes more weak and easy to kill once his damage is over 50%.


If you still find it difficult, keep trying. After all the game of Dark souls is all about trying and trying.