Why PC is the “King” of all consoles?

First of all before you decide which gaming console is the greatest, take into account these most important points.

  • A good TV capable of delivering crisp clear pictures at 1080p and 4K resolution: if your tv is crap no matter what console you have the game looks ugly.
  • Game textures and game design: it really depends on the game developer on visual experience. A great console and a great TV  wont help if the game itself is crappy.
  • Last comes the choice of my console!  I would look for CPU, GPU cores, MEMORY, HDD space and entertainment options such as blue-ray player in a console. Do your research!  All the consoles in the market simply great, pack a punch.  A super expensive powerful console can only enhance your gaming visual experience by 5 to 10%. Good old cheap consoles can still deliver best experience!

I would spend more money on the TV  than the console. Sony Bravia or curved tv are my best picks for gaming TVs. Don’t buy 4K and ultra HD TV as most consoles don’t yet support these resolutions. Just wait a bit! It’s coming soon.

Consoles newly launched are way too expensive at launch. Hold on your breath and wait a little until prices come down. Another major drawbacks with consoles are every couple of years new ones are launched with different architecture and games are not backward compatible. Xbox 360 games won’t run on Xbox one.

I have been playing video games for over 15 years on all platforms and let’s us have a look on the consoles currently available in the market.

1. Xbox one

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2. Playstation 4

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3. Nintendo Wii

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4. Xbox 360

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5. Playstation 3

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I would rate Xbox one as a “great” console,  you would be surprised to hear my vote my for “King” of all consoles is a “PC”. You heard it.!!  You break open any console all you see is PC electronics.

Build yourself a custom gaming PC with a AMD Processor CPU (8 cores), high end ATI Radeon 1070 or Nvidia GTX 750 Ti video card (try SLI/Crossfire GPUs up to 4 video cards in one motherboard delivering extreme graphics), 16 Gb RAM all under $1000, then hookup to a Sony Bravia TV, you will be blown away with such a graphics. You will look like an idiot playing console all your life! Lets face it!

You can also get a cheap gaming desktops for PC gaming.

Gaming Desktop PC

You can find a cheap gaming desktop under $500 in Amazon or build yourself one.

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Consoles are only for kiddos. Grow up people !!