UK and Ireland have the most popular golden visa schemes


UK and Ireland have the most popular golden visa schemes. The popularity of both these schemes is only rising among foreign investors applying for gold visas.


  • UK tier1 investor visa – £2 million
  • Irish immigrant investor scheme – €1 million 


United Kingdom


The UK’s tier1 investor visa scheme offers gold visas to rich investors a path to permanent residency and then later to citizenship after five years. The initial entry clearance is given for 40 months which can then be extended. This scheme is still open and receiving applications, despite previous announcement of suspending the scheme.  The scheme is expected to be revised and overhauled in the future.


UK golden visa


UK has A total of 376 applications approved for investors during the year 2018, with UK collecting £750 million (three quarter of billion) within a year according to the Home office statistics


Home Office Statistics


2018Tier1 Investor ApplicationsApprovedRefused




The Irish immigrant investor scheme has attracted more investors as the popularity of irish passport for brexit reasons. The scheme requires creating jobs through enterprise investment.  Investors immediately qualify for ‘stamp 4’ status and can naturalize for citizenship after five years


Ireland golden visa


Ireland received 420 applications for immigrant investor program in 2018. The IIP was introduced in April 2012 to encourage inward investment to create business and employment opportunities in the State.  The €1 million in projects must be made for a minimum of three years, which may be renewable following a review.


Irish immigrant investor program

Source: Ministry of Justice


The IIP scheme collected half a billion euros since its launch in 2012.


Application YearNumber of Approved ApplicationsTotal Value of Approved Applications
201838 (379 being processed, total applications 420)€32,000,000


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