Best Citizenships

The Best Citizenships in the World

Best Citizenship

A study was conducted to answer which country has the best citizenship in the world.  The Best Citizenships Index (BCI) used a Point based scoring (PBS) model to score citizenship rankings of 190 countries in the world.

The study took into account over 15 metrics such as healthcare, economy, GDP, freedom, human development, strong currency, naturalization time for citizenship, birthright citizenship, dual citizenship etc.. using a mathematical model.

The model ranked Germany had the best citizenship in the world, closely followed by Ireland, Iceland, UK and Spain.

These are the best and worst countries when it comes to citizenship

Best Citizenships Rankings

These countries have the best citizenships in the world.

CitizenshipPBS score (out of 145)Rank
  United Kingdom109.834
  United States108.076
 New Zealand101.8115

Worst Citizenships

These countries have the worst citizenships in the world.

  1.   Myanmar
  2.   Somalia
  3.   Yemen
  4.   Eritrea
  5.   Congo Democratic Rep
  6.   Niger
  7.   Cameroon
  8.   Guinea
  9.   Congo
  10.   Zimbabwe
  11.   Gambia
  12.  Afghanistan

Ranking metrics

These were the 17 indicators considered when ranking a country’s citizenship.

Dual Citizenship – 10 points
GDP (PPP) – 10 points
Human Development Index (HDI) – 10 points
Global Peace Index (GPI) – 10 points
Per Capita Income – 10 points
Strong currency – 10 points
Population – 10 points
Education – 10 points
Freedom – 10 points
Healthcare – 10 points
Naturalization time in years – 10 points
Citizenship by Marriage – 10 points
Birthright Citizenship – 10 points
Military Service (compulsory) – 5 points  deducted
Citizenship Renunciation – 5 points
Citizenship for economic interest – 5 points
Visa free countries – 10 points

Total: 145 points


Read the full report here

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