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30+ Best jQuery Tutorials & Plugins for Beginners

JQuery is the best ajax scripting library i have ever seen and it makes life so much easier. Jquery is not just powerful and the library code is very well documented. The are tonnes plugins available for jquery which makes jquery so much fun.  If you are getting started with jquery then the tutorials listed below is worth exploring and there is so much to learn. I would regard these are  the best jquery tutorials i have ever seen and i have categorized them accordingly.  I would start the list from the few basic tutorials and then go on to advanced jquery tutorials. I have spent countless hours to compile these information and i was hoping that it could come in handy for me when i look back for reference and so does for you. I have compiled pretty much everything what jQuery can do. Enjoy!

1. JQuery Basics & Indepth Understanding

The following tutorials will  kickstart you with jQuery, its understanding and few tips and tricks to get started.

(i) jQuery Tutorial for Beginners

(ii) Irresistible jQuery Tips

(iii) Simplify Ajax Development with jQuery

2. JQuery Photos & Slideshows Tutorials

The following are the some of the interesting tutorials to use jQuery for photo gallery and slideshows.

(i) Photoslider with Transparent Caption

(ii) jQuery Lightbox

A dead simple jquery code to showcase photos in an elegant way.

(iii) Simple JQuery Gallery

(iv) Beautiful Photo Stack Gallery with Jquery/CSS

(v) Smooth DIV Scroll using JQuery

3. jQuery Menu Headers & Navigation Tutorials

The following tutorials show how jquery can be used in header menus and navigation stuff including sliders and hover effects.

(i) Smooth Animated Menu

(ii) Dropdown Digg Header Style

(iii) Navigation Menus in Jquery

(iv) JQuery Slider & Drawer Effect

(v) Fading Hover Effects

4. JQuery Featured Content Slider Tutorials

Featured content has become so popular and it is so much sought by many web developers to integrate featured content sliders in homepage to get more professional look.

(i) Slick Autoplaying Featured Content Slider

(ii) JQuery Featured Content Slider

(iii) Featured Image Rotator with Description

5. JQuery Tabs Tutorials

The following jquery tutorials takes you indepth understanding on how to design elegant and sleek tab interfaces for your site.

(i) jQuery Tabbed Navigation

(ii) Tabbed Interface in Jquery

(iii) Build Tabbed Box

(iv) Slick Tabbed Content Area

6. JQuery Forms & Validation Tutorials

jQuery adds a lot of interactivity with forms with its slick use and it is very important and there are many free jquery plugins to validate form fields.

(i) Field Highlighting in Forms

(ii) Twitter Like Login Box with JQuery

(iii) Quick and Easy JQuery Form Validation Tutorial

(iv) JQuery Form Validatior

(v) Facebook Like Alert Confirm Box with JQuery

(vi) Boxy Feedback Form with Jquery

7. JQuery News Tickers

News tickers arent difficult at all with jQuery and it can be very easily implemented with just few lines of code. If you are running  a news or magazine site, then news ticker is inevitable.

(i) JQuery News Ticker (just 10 lines of code)

(ii) Auto Vertical Scrolling JQuery News Ticker

8. JQuery Twitter Integration Tutorials

If you are interested in adding a twitter tweets to your page content then the following tutorials may be of awful help to you. Of course! All are based on jQuery.

(i) Twitter Fan Page

(ii) JQuery Twitter Ticker

9. Integrating JQuery with MySQL and PHP

As a beginner in ajax/javascript coding, i have never imagined connecting php, mysql and jquery and i have been so fond of using jquery to for content display and backend database operations. The following tutorials will show you how jQuery plays a pivotal role with PHP/MySQL.

(i)Create a Shoutbox with jQuery and PHP

(ii) Live MySQL Database Search with JQuery

(iii) SMTP Mail with JQuery and PHP

(iv) Autocomplete with PHP/MySQL

(v) JQuery Apple Style Search Suggestion

(vi) Twitter like Pagination with JQuery

10. File Upload Tutorials with JQuery

If you are searching for jquery code, to handle mutilple/single  file uploads with jquery, you will find the below resources pretty interesting.

(i) JQuery Multi File Upload

(ii) jQuery File Upload Form & Progressbar

(iii) jQuery Image Upload & Crop