Top 5 trends and Tools to Work with WordPress in 2016

2016 is 2-odd months old and WordPress is already making tremendous strides in becoming a universal web development framework.


Incredible changes within the platform notwithstanding, the community of WordPress are already coming up with ways to keep pace with latest trends in web design and development.

There is a lot of competition in the web designing world – you can see millions of websites with the different design, style and pattern. So, you need to take your job seriously and follow some latest web design trends to stay ahead in the market.

Here are the 5 top trends, and the tools you can use to work them in your latest web project:

1. WordPress Slider WD Plugin for Responsiveness

Responsive design is not a new trend in web design. But the best thing is that it will stay fruitful for coming years as well.

With the rapidly increasing percentage of mobile users on the internet, web designers are creating fully responsive sites that can look stunning on both the smaller as well as giant screen sizes, or somewhere in the middle. It immediately optimizes the resolution of the site when it sees the relevant screen size of a device. It gives a soothing user experience to the mobile users

So, if you want to add responsiveness approach to your site, then you can use the WordPress Slider WD Plugin used for creating fully responsive sliders for different mobile platforms and screen sizes.

Slider WD

It is a great slider plugin offering plenty of powerful features to help you display your site’s content in the most engaging style. You can easily add images and videos and jazz them up with the beautiful transition effects. Even, you can embed media to the slides from Vimeo, Youtube etc using the file URL.

2. Responsive Menu Plugin for Hidden Menus

Today, one or the other site is making the use of hidden menus. With hidden menus, you can save a plenty of space, generate a simple navigation system, and give a spic and span look to your site.

If you are planning to embed these hidden menus within your site, then Responsive Menu Plugin is an ideal solution for you.

Responsive Menu

This tool allows you to embed a three-lined mobile menu icon on your site to pop up the menu when a user clicks on it.

With over 70,000 active installs, it has become one of the popular hidden menu plugins on the web.

3. WordPress Theme for Galleries and slideshows

Galleries, website layouts and, of course, slideshows enhance the beauty of a site and attracts web audiences. It is a great way to increase the web traffic on the website. Thus, this beautiful web design has all the possibilities to stay on the top in 2016.

You can spice up your site with this WP web design trend by integrating the WordPress Portfolio Gallery Theme into your site.

Portfolio Gallery

It is a responsive, vibrant and SEO-friendly theme that lets you showcase HD images in the responsive lightbox with the full-screen image slider. Use customizable layouts and widgets to display your site’s content in a stylish and engaging way.

This theme is ideal for photography, portfolio, travel, and food-based websites.

4. Zopim Live Chat Plugin for Live Chat

Live Chat integration is the best solution for those who are promoting and selling their products online – for e-commerce sites. With these robust systems, your visitors and customers can communicate you anytime. You can provide them timely and substantial support.

In fact, today, customer support plays a crucial role in determining the success of a business. It sets the brand, influences the reputation, and sales of a site. Therefore, it is necessary to use a powerful tool that can help you incorporate an effective live chat system.

Zopim Live Chat Plugin is a stunning tool used to integrate a real-time chat system into your site. It let you chat with your visitors who are browsing your site in real-time.

Zopim Live Chat

Zopim is a mobile-friendly WordPress plugin, which means mobile users can also have a chat with you via their mobile phones. But the icing on the cake is its in-built analytics system that enables you monitors the visitor flow, your site’s usability and other valuable information.

5. Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin for highlighting social networks

We all are familiar with the popularity of social media networks. There are so many popular social platforms on the web, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest that have been used by the site owners to target the specified type of web audiences.

These networks are playing the major role in conveying the organizational message to the people in the most convenient way. And it is still going to be the most powerful source in 2016.

So, if you want to promote your content on popular social media networks in 2016, you need to integrate the Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin into your site.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

It is an ideal tool for adding social media buttons to your site or blog. It allows you to share your content on different social networks in an easy way. This responsive plugin offers a lot of customization options to let you tweak the design and functionality of share buttons and icons, without any coding skills.

You can add these buttons anywhere on your site using shortcodes. Even, you can track your share clicks right in your WordPress dashboard. It is the simple yet powerful tool for adding social media network icons into the WordPress websites.


It becomes necessary to follow the latest web design trends if you want to keep your site updated and ahead from your competitors.

These are the five best WordPress tools that are expected to gain more popularity in this year. You can use them to keep your site abreast with the most recent web design trends.

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