12 Quick tips to boost your WordPress Website Speed

It is quite clear. Everyone hates slow websites. The question is how the WordPress Website speed can be made faster by WordPress developer? The speed your website loads is extremely important for two reasons. The society is fast demanding and anything that doesn’t happen within a time is too slow for a lot of people. Keep reading and you will find the proactive steps towards speeding up your WordPress website.

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12 Tips to boost the speed

  1. You Must Choose A Good Web Host

The key aspect is to choose the best web hosting that has the required website space over server. There are a number of companies that offers executive services for providing benefits of such kinds. However, the website owner must properly consider getting the exceptional assistance.

  1. You Must Choose Solid Framework / Theme

There are a lot of options with WordPress. The feature includes being a lightweight framework that is quite speedy too. Thus, it is advised to consider properly and invest in a theme or a framework that could add more to the website. Also, it must not slow down the speed of the same.

  1. You Should Fix Your 404 Error

404 Error is recognized as “not found error”. This suggests that a given client was able to communicate with the given server; however, the server failed to deliver what was requested. On the web, this type of error is one of the most encountered errors.  You must fix these errors and it will help you improve the website speed. Eliminating the error and improving the website speed is the ultimate goal of a developing website.

  1. You Must Optimize Your Site’s Database

You can make use of the plugins to optimize your site’s database. By having a little experience hand, it could be manually done in an easy way. Many Plugins are exceptional to clean up the junk on WordPress website. This would definitely boost the speed of the WordPress website. You should frequently optimize your site’s database.

  1. You Must Optimize Your Image

Most of the website’s space is crowded by images. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the images prior to using them on the website. Again Plugins can play a special role by creating a considerable space on the website. This would prevent your website from getting crowded with junk and images that require longer time to load.

  1. You Must Take Care Of Your Page Size

When you are aiming to boost up the website speed, advertising your business’s achievement over a single web page is just not sufficient. A healthy content with a minimum required page site is always going to maintain a reputable speed of the page. Thus, it is advised to limit the page size as minimum as possible.  Also, websites that take more than 2 to 3 seconds load time are often not retained to the clients for longer time.

  1. You Must Enable Caching

Whenever visitors try to surf for any specific website, the browser should load a lot of info about the resources. It should display information including logics, the CSS files and other such resources. A website generally takes time because of this reason. More Cache would assist that your browser remembers the items previously searched by you.

  1. You Must Include LazyLoad To Your Images

It is the process that allows only the images in the visitor’s browser window to load. Thus, the images keep on loading when the visitors scroll it down. This would save the bandwidth for the users who are not wishing to scroll down to the end of the website. For specific purposes, plugins are also available.

  1. You Must Use Content Delivery Network

 Content Delivery Network is very useful for the clients when they are visiting any particular website. They are also useful when the clients are served with the images and CSS files from the closest geographical server. This technique aims at reducing the load on servers which directly aids in improving the website speed.

  1. You Must Add Expire To Header And Statis Resource

The Expire header helps to cut down the load time of the website significantly. This is essential when you are planning to boost the speed of your WordPress website controlled by your WordPress developer.

  1. You must Turn Off The Pinkbacks

It is the default setting which allows any specific WordPress blog to interact with similar blogs having pingbacks and tradebacks. You can invest some of your time in this and it would definitely boost the website speed.

  1. You Must Minimize The Number Of HTTP Requests

It is effective to reduce the number of HTTP Requests that are made to your site. These are generated when someone visits your specific website to request the website’s files. If you have a multiple file, it would add requests-on-requests and file-on-file which would definitely increase the load. Therefore, it is better to reduce the number of HTTP requests.

Avoid Plugine when coding will work. Also, don’t use Plugins when you can do things more simply by modifying your theme. With less busy sites, it does not matter much. But as your readership grows, every little bit can count. Don’t forget to tmpfs the cache directory. This can really boost page response performance, especially for high traffic blogs.

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  • Minimise the use of plugins that are not necessary, like page counters, social media counters, etc. If you can create the plugin yourself, it would be better because you add only what you need for a specific page.