How to Increase User Engagement on Your Website


The user always gives a cordial welcome to those websites which can be navigated easily. Which gives them freedom and let them engage automated. Instead, force them to look what they want them to look. To engage the viewer’s, it requires that the website should be built in such a way that it should not exceed the bounce rate above 70%+. If it does than neither Google or the viewers would like it. A bounce rate is when your user’s rate dislikes to your website than Google consider it under the bad impression and this may impact the flow of traffic. But need not worry, as there are certain ways available, through implementing them, you can create interest of your viewers to get engaged with your website.

Meaningful Content:

Viewers, only love to entitle with informative information. They don’t want to waste their time by reading the unnecessarily information. What needs to be done here is that you can select those words for your web which delivers the message and doesn’t block the enough space. This technique will be helpful to keep the viewers engaged and will make some extra space for other relevant elements to get fit in.

Minimum Load Speed:

Low web loading speed is very helpful to keep the viewers interest up. In general, the viewers can only stretch out to 20 seconds and afterward, they would not even bother to have a glance at your website. If you have a look at the then you will find that it takes 816 ms speed to load which is lower than 1 seconds. There are free tools available online through which you can check the loading speed of your web.

Some other important factors which hamper the loading speed is oversize of the images and graphics. If the space given to relevant images and graphics only then you can twice the loading speed for your website.

Keep It neat and Tidy:

For a moment just consider yourself as a viewer and analyze that, would you like to navigate the website which is occupied with so many bars from all the sides. Suddenly, images are popping up and making you annoying. You would definitely not like to stay on the page for more than 1 minute.

So considering this as an important factor, what you need to do is keep the website as simple as it can be. Eventually, people will find their own way out. This will save their time and will allow them to land on the page, they came for.


The more viewers will subscribe to your website, the better products you can offer them. The best spot to make a space for subscription is at the end of the page towards the right hand side. Subscription is all about collecting their e-mail address. You can make this as an important marketing tool and can send them a promotional official e-mail to promote your product.

Get Social:

Out of 100-74% of their valuable time, viewers spend on the social media sites. Creating your account on social sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on will allow you to get more followers than expected. If we talk about Instagram only then, it has more than 500 million users and out of it 300 million are daily active users around the globe. So from this figure, you can literally estimate the importance of being socialized. Initially, you can start posting special offers to your official account to woo the customer’s attention.

Clear Navigation:

Clear navigation holds the priority. Nobody love to get interrupted while browsing on an online website. If constantly it occurs, then chances are on a higher side that they probably drop the idea to navigate your website. Just keep it simple and constant do that viewers can easily find what they want to.

Appropriate design:

Always give priority to those designs which are beneficial for your website. If you think, bright is your taste then go for it. Or it would be ideal if you can get the advice of an expert. This will help to analyze regards to the current trends in the market.

Always don’t start jumping into the work in a hurry. Get the advice from different people, just sit back on a couch and analyze that the design you are about to consider is suitable or not. Take you time and re-consider your design in all aspects. Because once you select the wrong option for you then it might hamper your business.

Analytics Data:

Generate the reports on a daily basis and start to analyze everyday sale. Analyze what people are clicking most and also watch on which page they love to spend most of their time. Because through accurate analyze you can conquer the success.

It will give you two things initially, first, you will come to know the sales growth of your product and second, you would be able to edit or add the product as per the people’s choice.

Use Multimedia Content:

The last but not the least, as per the need, it would be ideal to give space to the multimedia content. Through this in a short period of time, you would be able to convey the message to your viewers. People remember the good visuals for a long time as per the studies. So never miss this important factor to add. Wherever you think it is required.

Various method to get your viewers engaged with your website has been demonstrated. Just have a glance and consider them as per your requirement. Hope it will engage more and more viewers to your respective website.

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