The Complete SCCM Certification Course Guide

Payscale sets the salary of a configuration manager in the U.S. at $82,000 on an annual basis. Indeed supports that figure, with a slighter higher average, at $82,239, a figure that meets the national average. A number of factors affect that figure—geography, being at the top of the list, followed by career length.

If you want to move up to the same pay grade, you’ll need to acquire an SCCM certification. To achieve that, you need to gain advanced skills. Those skills include mastery over Microsoft’s Systems Center Suite, out of which the System Center Configuration Manager is the most important. 

If you plan on going after that certification, then review the following helpful information about the course:

Learn The Basics

Certification is an excellent way to get your career to another level. It can provide you with the training and experience you need to operate the kind of software that’s necessary to advance in the security field. However, before you take the course, make sure you already know the basics or have a working knowledge of the System Center Configuration manager or SCCM. That should make it easier for you to get on with training.

What It’s About

The System Center Configuration Manager certification program provides participants with the training and hands-on experience they need to assess company servers and client servers along with other devices, says Koenig. They can deploy and update these as well. With the training, participants are well able to align systems and network, making them complaint with configurations that improve the operational efficiency and security of the system. In this case, the training offers engineers as well as system administrators with the skills they need to not just plan and deploy but manage a domain environment that’s Window-based. For professionals in the security business, this certification is essential, especially if you have plans to work on cloud for enterprise applications.

Who It’s For

This training is best suited for professionals in the Information Technology sector whose work is involved in the configuration, management and operation of sites on the System Center Configuration Manager 2012, along with all its supporting systems. If that fits you to a tee, then this training is one of the best career moves you can make. Not only do you gain the necessary knowledge to be the best system administrator or engineer you could be, you can even improve on how you work with the system.

Update Your Training

If you already have SCCM certification, it doesn’t hurt to get the most current certification available. That’s because Microsoft keeps the SCCM software updated with new features. It’s ideal to ensure you’re on top of things by getting the most current training possible. That way, you can make the most out of the system you work with.

Getting Certified: Aye or Nay?

While some people might doubt the importance of certifications in our age, they still matter a great deal. While not all IT certifications are equal, it’s inarguable that certifications still play a large 

part in improving one’s career prospects. However, some believe that its value lies solely in its positive effect on salaries and one’s career. That’s not always the case, though.

Why It’s Worth It

Beyond career advancement, getting an IT certification like this matters for one very important reason: as a method to figure out where you want to go in your career, says Network Computing. The certification is an excellent way to determine where your interests and strengths lie. There’s a reason why books like the Strength Finder click. It’s because, rather than focusing on the negative—like your weaknesses—the book, like the certification process, help you determine what you can do and where you’re good at. You’d be surprised at how many people are still unsure of their talents and skills, of what they can do. With the certification, you get the confirmation, even validation that could push you to pick yourself up and try for that position, that career move, that promotion. It’s more than letters after your name—it’s a commitment to yourself. By investing time, effort and energy in the certification, you easily get the experience and training you need to go further in your career.

Where To Go

Finding the right training provider is crucial. Make sure you check the company’s credentials. Do they have the right team and resources in place? Do they offer the training and certification courses you need? What kind of course program will they provide? Do they have prerequisites for the course? Reach out to those training providers and ask. The more you know, the better your choices will be.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your career, this is a good time as any to start looking for a certification course like this that aligns with your career goals.

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