The Best Way to Pass The MCSA Certification Test

Earning the certifications of Microsoft is considered big in the IT industry as this takes your career to heights. MCSA windows server 2016 certification validates your skills to install and configure the manage within windows server 2016 and its features like core network services, Hyper-V, Group Policy and Active Directory.

The certification includes three exams. Passing the first exam makes you efficient in configuring a windows server 2016 environment. You can then move on to the second and third. Here are certain tips that will be helpful to pass the certification.

Passing the MCSA certification test

1. Microsoft Virtual Academy
Microsoft has provided a learning resource named Microsoft Virtual Academy to help the individuals planning to take the certification. It provides free online training to people interested in Microsoft technology. This online resource contains presentations, videos and related information about several technologies of Microsoft. In addition to information regarding the course and exams, it has videos that explain the topics that can be watched any time.

2. Revision guide
A revision guide is one of the best things that help you plan your learning strategies and style for MCSA. It contains a detailed explanation of the course content and focuses on key areas. This would be of help if you have missed out on anything and also aids in reinforcing the subjects. Depending on your exam schedule, you can make your study plan and learn at your own pace.

3. Join a forum
Joining a forum introduces you to like-minded people who are preparing for the same certification as yours. This offers many advantages like discussing exam topics, sharing ideas and resources and getting guidance from people who have already passed the exam. You can post your queries in the forum and get expert answers from other members.

4. Practice test
Nothing prepares you for the MCSA certification like the practice tests. These tests acquaint you with the exam format so that you get an idea about how the question pattern will be. This way, you will understand where you are from the point of view of the exam and what shortcomings you have. You can work up on these and be better prepared to face the exam.

5. Join a course
Taking a course links you with expert instructors who can provide more knowledge than you can get from anywhere else. The instructor-led course will be in a classroom where there are no outside distractions. You work with other aspiring candidates which motivates you. You will even get good hands-on experience under the supervision of the trainers.

6. Download a trial version of software
Passing the exam would require you to have enough hands-on experience with the software. So, it is a good idea to download a trial version of the Windows Server 2016 for you to work on. You get a total of 180 days to work with it and get an experience of all its features. This way, you will get the practical knowledge to earn the MCSA certification.

7. Download a study app
These days, you can find a number of study apps that help you prepare for the exam. But, do not rely up on it completely for your preparation. You can take its help when no other option works for you. uCertify, Transcender etc. are good study apps that have features to increase your chances of passing the exam. To Read More Complete Guide for MCSA certifications

Whatever tools you make use of to prepare for the certification, ultimately it comes down to how you practice. Keep aside enough time for practicing what you have learned to etch the topics in your mind.