4 SEO Tactics to Ditch in 2017

Well, most things are bound to become outdated with the passage of time and with technology and trends constantly changing, and in the field of SEO, the case is no different. What was ‘in’ just yesterday is ‘out’ today. In order to follow the pace of this changing world, your business needs to be constantly providing new things to ever evolving tastes.

Still, the good news is that some things haven’t changed. User-optimized websites continue to be the best SEO policy and the importance of doing SEO in this way cannot be emphasized enough. If you don’t want your website to be in the little league anymore, then you need to make sure that everything, and I do mean everything is shipshape and Bristol fashion. Here are 4 SEO tactics that should be sent to the recycle bin so as not to undermine the whole purpose of your website.

1. Not for the Search Engines

Like it was already stated at the beginning, users are the ones you need to look after if you want your website to count for something. Back in the day, SEO was focused on creating content for those little spiders crawling the World Wide Web ‘cause they were the ones who decided on their ranking. Now things have changed, and this is something that has become quite frowned upon, a black hat activity heavily penalized by Google. So, don’t go overboard with keywords and forget about the search engines. Focus on real people instead. They’re the ones that matter. Your website’s content should be user-friendly and that entails appealing tone and text, in a word engrossing content whenever possible. Make your website top-notch so that RankBrain gives it its blessing and rates it as worthwhile for the users.

2. The More the Merrier

This kind of strategy where you had a huge number of pages linking back to your website might have worked well in the past. However, quality before quantity should be the maxim to adhere to nowadays. So, no more sub par content linking to your page. Search engines value importance, not merely the number. That doesn’t of course mean that link building isn’t still a major player in the SEO business. Only the rules of the game have changed. You need to get high quality links, so either getting big industries to link back to you or start doing outreach. Even guest posting is still an option if it is done elegantly.

3. Mobile’s aren’t That Important

Again, with technological development mobiles have made it to the big league and your website needs to ensure that it’s mobile-friendly so as not to miss on all that traffic. Otherwise, Google’s not going to give it a high rank. A lot of businesses aren’t optimized for mobiles, but you need to make sure that yours is. More and more traffic is gotten from mobiles and it’s safe to say that this will not change anytime in the near future, quite the contrary.

Therefore, you need to ensure your text’s got readable zoom and that you’re using common software, so one that could be run on mobiles. That immediately rules out Flash player or any other complicated software. You might also want to consider using Accelerated Mobile Pages as they’ve become quite a thing now. And one more thing. Since it is a small device, distribute the links farther apart, so that users aren’t clicking on more links at the same time.

4. Disregarding Social Networks

Social networks got a part to play in the overall rankings seeing how both Bing and the mighty G are using their info to see where to put websites. And, of course, pure logic: the more followers you have, the greater the exposure and the chance to increase the number of those precious backlinks. So, it’s quite ludicrous to keep ignoring social nets. Instead, incorporate them as a part of your SEO Services. Just pick a social network and familiarize yourself with it. Start putting useful content daily and make sure there are ways that people can sign up and that they can share the content.

To Sum up

Just follow these 4 guidelines and you’re on the right track. If you’re providing quality content and natural links your website will not go out of style. And remember: You can never go wrong as long as you bear the users in mind. True, the game is constantly changing, but that’s something that’s never going to change.

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