Hotel Citizenship introduces decentralized ownership in luxury hotels

Hotel Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship in exchange for investing in five star and luxury hotels have become a new trend in recent years.  There are currently close 10 countries that offer instant passports for investing in hotels and resorts.

Today we are introducing our Hotel Citizenship platform, a revolutionary new idea to connect hoteliers and buyers, with the citizenship perk.  The idea is to decentralize the hotel ownership to public by selling rooms in a luxury five star hotels and resorts. Buyers of hotel rooms and villas comes with fully deeded titles, with citizenship and passport perk for family members.

This platform works similar to Airbnb which targets hotel rentals. Unlike Airbnb while we target hotel buyers. Prices for hotel rooms start from $200,000 for hotel rooms with fully deeded titles.  Villas and holiday homes are priced at $1 million and upwards.

Our platform connects hoteliers and buyers direct without any intermediaries. This way buyers dont have to worry about highly inflated property prices sold by agents or intermediaries.

Buyers: Free
Sellers: Free

We get fully compensated by hotel sellers. Buyers are not required to pay any commissions to us.

These are the countries that offer immediate citizenship for purchasing a room or holiday resort

  • St Kitts and Nevis – Starts $20o,000
  • Dominica – Starts from $200,000)
  • Grenada  – Starts from $220,000)
  • Montenegro – Starts from €250,000
  • Cyprus  – Starts from €2.5m
  • Saint Lucia – Starts from $300,000
  • Turkey – Starts from $250,000
  • Antigua and Barbuda – Starts from $200,000 is a startup launched in July 2019 and the platform will fully launch starting 2020. You can visit our platform at for a demo currently at beta testing phase

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