how to find Ian West in Fallout 3?

I have been stuck in this quest named “Blood Ties” in fallout 3 and i am unable to locate Ian West and have been searching around all over the map. Lately i figured out how easy it was! All you have to do is find the “The Family” inside the north seneca metro and convince the Vance (the leader) and he will give you the password to the locked door of Ian west.

Here is how you locate Ian if you are stuck in the mission.

1. Go to North Seneca Metro underground station.

2. Go inside and you will see 2 people in a lab who will ask you to bring sugarbombs. Ignore them and turn right enter into a room, and there will be 2 barrels with a radiation warning. Go near it and you will see gate entry to underground passage and enter it. Fight all the creatures (a few) and watchout for traps and mines.

3. Proceed inside and take a left and go through gaps of series of trains (follow fires lit in the drums) soon you will hear radio music and there will be a soldier on the entrance guarding “the family” .

4. Talk to him and tell him you want to deliver a message to Ian. He will tell you to speak to Vance (leader of the family).

5. Head straight into tunnel turn left open the door and go straight, there you will find lots of “family” members. Look for the leader named Vance (usually in top floor) and you have to talk to him in such a way that you convince him.

Ask him about family and criticize him that he is cannibal and soon he will answer you he is vampire. After that dialog, criticize him that the family brainwashes others which is not good.

After that, you will get an option dialog with you asking him that “Now that you have understood lot about the family” and ask to let you to speak to Ian. Vance will get impressed and will handover the password to the “Family Terminal”

Note: the above is the most important part. If you dont convince him Vance will keep telling you that Ian is in meditation and he would not let you to talk to him or hand over the letter from his sister Lucy.

Only then he will handover the password to Ian West locked door.

6. On the top floor enter the door and find the “Family terminal” where you will enter the password and unlock the security door. Soon you do it Ian will be in the very next door.

Go talk to him!